Lawn Aeration in Covington

Regular lawn aeration is a necessary, but often overlooked part of maintaining a healthy lawn. When your lawn’s soil is packed too tightly, it can constrict your plants’ roots, block nutrient circulation and prevent the top layers of earth from absorbing the water, oxygen and heat it needs to grow. Our team at Lawn Doctor of McDonough-Covington provides our proven lawn aeration service to homeowners and businesses all over the Covington, McDonough, Conyers, Lithonia, Oxford, Ellenwood and Stockbridge, GA areas to boost healthy circulation, reverse the negative side effects of compacted soil and spark new, consistent growth.

Determining When Your Lawn Needs to be Aerated

Lawn aeration is extremely beneficial, and most Covington-area lawns will require regular aeration for steady growth. However, there are times throughout the year when aeration yields the most benefits. Generally, aeration is the most beneficial just before the prime growing season, which will depend on the type of grass populating your lawn. Warm season grasses benefit the most from aeration at the end of spring, while cooler season grasses will see the most benefit at the beginning of spring. There are also several red flags that can indicate your lawn may have compacted soil and needs to be aerated. Your lawn probably needs aeration if it can be characterized by any of the following:

  • Clay soil that has not been recently aerated
  • Vehicles are frequently parked on your lawn
  • Your lawn develops puddles during light rain
  • Brown spots have appeared on your lawn
  • Your lawn has been damaged from outdoor entertaining, sports, machinery, pets or children

How Our Lawn Aeration Service Benefits Covington-Area Lawns

Our lawn aeration service restores both circulation and permeability to your soil, boosting short and long-term health and allowing roots to expand and grow. Your lawn relies upon the steady circulation of nutrients, water, oxygen and heat to grow, and compacted soil can block this circulation. When we aerate your lawn with our core aerating equipment, we’ll break up your lawn’s soil to reinstate healthy circulation, bolster your lawn’s health and provide an environment more conducive to root development.

Call your local lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor of McDonough-Covington today at (678) 931-9166 to learn more about our aeration service and to schedule your free estimate. We offer our lawn aeration service to our neighbors in Covington, McDonough, Conyers, Lithonia, Oxford, Ellenwood, Stockbridge and throughout the surrounding communities.