Mosquito Control Services for Covington

Yard Armour Mosquito ControlBirthday parties, graduation celebrations, family reunions, barbecues and many other events typically take place outside, but they can easily be moved inside by a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can not only fill your arms and legs with itchy bites, they can carry a range of harmful, and even potentially-deadly diseases like Yellow Fever and West Nile. Take back your lawn from pesky mosquitoes with our full range of both short and long-term mosquito control treatments. We offer homeowners in the Covington, Conyers, McDonough, Oxford, Lithonia, Ellenwood and Stockbridge, GA areas an effective solution to their mosquito control problems.

Our Mosquito Control Process in Covington

Covington homeowners depend on our mosquito control services because they work. A major contributor to the effectiveness of our treatments is the multi-faceted way we approach them. We focus on separate phases of the treatment as we administer them to provide complete, well-rounded treatments to provide lasting results. When we combine this proven approach with our cutting-edge products and tools, the result is a range of services that perform. Here is a brief insight to our mosquito control process:

1. Prevention

Laying the foundation for a lawn that doesn’t contain the classic aspects of a mosquito breeding ground can go a long way in keeping an invasion from ever taking place. In this phase of treatment, we’ll work with you to develop lawn maintenance strategies based on your home’s distinct location to deter mosquito infestations for a clearer yard through the seasons.

2. Control

With a firm prevention strategy in place, we’ll turn our attention to ridding your Covington-area lawn of its current population of resident mosquitoes. We’ll apply treatments of our advanced mosquito control products to address any infestations and problem areas, and also to place an effective barrier around your lawn to deter future incoming mosquito populations.

3. Maintenance

To keep your lawn safe through the seasons, our technicians will return on a scheduled basis to apply maintenance treatments. These follow-ups will keep your lawn’s defenses high against neighborhood mosquitoes so that you and your family can enjoy your lawn year-round.

Give Lawn Doctor of McDonough-Covington a call today at (678) 931-9166 to learn more about our comprehensive mosquito control services. We offer our full list of both short and long-term treatments to our neighboring homeowners all over Covington, Conyers, McDonough, Oxford, Lithonia, Oxford, Ellenwood, Stockbridge and the surrounding communities.