Lawn Care Services in Tupelo: Fertilization 101

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing lawn care services in TupeloWhen you want your lawn to stay healthy and strong throughout the growing season, you need to feed it regularly. Down below, proper fertilization strengthens roots and helps them grow deeper and thicker. Up above, it promotes thicker, lusher grass, along with boosted resistance to pests, weeds, diseases, and more. But if you don’t know what it takes to get the job done right, what can you do? Hand off the work to the proven lawn care service professionals known across the Tupelo, MS area: Lawn Doctor of Tupelo-Corinth-Jackson.

Lawn Care Services by Lawn Doctor of Tupelo-Corinth-Jackson 

Your lawn needs access to 16 different minerals for optimal health. Not only that, but it requires them in specific amounts at certain times of year. What’s more is that one wrong move when fertilizing can actually wind up injuring your lawn or producing less-than-stellar results. That’s where our lawn care fertilization services can help. You can avoid risks and mistakes while also getting:

  • A customized plan. Cookie-cutter approaches don’t work if you want superior results. That’s why at Lawn Doctor of Tupelo-Corinth-Jackson, we design custom lawn care plans and schedules, factoring in the unique features of your lawn, from size and grass species to soil quality and more.
  • Even coverage and growth. When it comes to fertilization, too much or too little can cause damage or lead to weak results. You never have to worry about either, thanks to our leading-edge and exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment. It’s built with ground-metered technology, ensuring precision amounts and consistent coverage for uniform-looking growth.
  • Ongoing solutions. We know a one-time lawn care fertilization service isn’t going to do much for your lawn. That’s why we offer ongoing care, whether you simply choose us for fertilization treatments or our Lawn Maintainer program, which integrates fertilization with weed control for long-lasting nourishment and powerful protection.

Lawn Care Fertilization Services Backed by a 100% Guarantee 

When you put your lawn into our hands, you’ll get more than expert lawn care. You’ll also get plenty of peace of mind. That’s because we protect our services and your investment with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With it, all you have to do is call us if you’re ever not fully satisfied with our work. We promise to make it right.

Learn more about our fertilization treatments and schedule your free assessment today by calling Lawn Doctor of Tupelo-Corinth-Jackson at (662) 287-5551. Our locally owned and operated company provides fertilization and a range of other lawn care services to customers across Tupelo, Corinth, and Saltillo, MS as well as Jackson, TN and the surrounding communities.