Fall Lawn Weed Control in Tupelo

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing lawn weed control in TupeloYou want to create the perfect outdoor space you can enjoy from season to season. That can be tough to do when pesky plants – also known as weeds – are getting established in your lawn. They’re not only ugly but take away your lawn’s critical resources, like space and nutrients, damaging it in the process. The good news is you don’t have to wait until spring to fight back. Instead, fall is actually a perfect season in and around the Tupelo, MS area for lawn weed control, producing a healthier lawn with fewer weeds come spring.

Lawn Weed Control: Why Fall is Prime Time in Tupelo

Weeds are a pain for many reasons. They’re stubborn, resilient, and grow quickly. However, there are certain types that are highly vulnerable to lawn weed control treatments during the autumn season in the Tupelo area. This makes them the perfect target for weed treatments, producing better results in the long run.

For instance, perennials – which can regrow in your lawn many years in a row, developing deep roots as they do – are going into a state of dormancy. Before they get there, they’re sucking up energy and sending it down into the root system to get ready for winter. When you apply a weed control product at this time of the year, it too will get sucked up and funneled down to the taproot, delivering a death blow to the plant.

Beyond perennials, it’s also a good time to treat winter annuals. These include henbit, corn speedwell, and hairy bittercress. Winter annuals complete their life cycle in a year, so they won’t return like perennials do. However, before they die, they leave behind seeds in your lawn. These have the potential to become new weeds if you don’t stop them. You can do that with a fall pre-emergent product designed specifically for newly developing weeds in the soil.

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