Lawn Weed Control in Tupelo

Are you struggling with weeds that keep coming back? It’s no wonder when you consider the facts. For instance, just one dandelion has up to 15,000 seeds, each one able to produce a full-grown dandelion plant. When you’re up against weeds like that, why not call in the Tupelo, MS area lawn weed control professionals? At Lawn Doctor of Tupelo-Corinth-Jackson, not only do we know how to stop weeds in their tracks, but keep them under control, suppressing future infestations.

Why Weed Control Matters for a Healthy Lawn

Unsightly weeds detract from your beautiful lawn and all your hard work. Beyond that, many kinds actually cClose up of blades of lawn weed control ompete with your grass and landscape for water, nutrients and sunlight, and can grow so fast that they take over surrounding plants. But before you consider your lawn weed control plan of attack, you have to know the kinds of weeds you’re dealing with.

In the U.S., for instance, weeds are typically categorized as either broadleaf or grassy. Broadleaf weeds have wide, flat leaves and include dandelion, chickweed, purslane, clover, wild violet and henbit. Grassy weeds look more like grass and grow under the same conditions. That’s why good lawn care can actually benefit these weeds, too.

When it comes to lifecycles, broadleaf or grassy weeds can be either annuals or perennials. Annual weeds grow during the course of one year. They’re brought into your lawn in seed form from the wind or birds. Perennials, however, grow back season after season for several years. At Lawn Doctor of Tupelo-Corinth-Jackson, we know these weeds tend to get more established in lawns, making them harder to treat and control.

Beyond type and lifecycle, weeds also have different growing seasons. For instance, some weeds – called cool-season – grow actively during cooler temperatures, while warm-season weeds crave spring and summer weather.

Call in Tupelo’s Experts in Lawn Weed Control

Don’t know what kinds of weeds are taking over your lawn? Aren’t sure which products and techniques to use and when? Don’t have the time or patience to deal with frustrating weeds?

Call in our team of lawn weed control technicians at Lawn Doctor of Tupelo-Corinth-Jackson. Our expertise, proven approach, and wide range of weed control services can leave you with a beautiful, healthy lawn. From our pre-emergent weed control that targets weeds below the surface to post-emergent solutions, we can stop weeds before they spread.

Ready to learn more? Our lawn weed control services are available for Jackson, TN and Corinth and Saltillo, MS area homeowners. To schedule a free consultation and service estimate, simply call Lawn Doctor of Tupelo-Corinth-Jackson today at 662.287.5551.