Lawn Weed Control in Columbia: Stop Invaders with a Treatment Plan

Close up of blades of grass showing lawn weed control in ColumbiaWhen it comes to lawn weed control in the Columbia, SC area, the best defense is a good offense. That’s why your treatment plan should include more than simply pulling weeds or applying herbicides when you see the likes of dandelions and crabgrass. Instead, also focus your efforts on cultivating a stronger yard overall, so it can better fight off weedy invaders in the future. Just a few of the steps you should consider taking include:

  • Loosening the soil. The condition of your soil plays a big role in the overall health of your lawn. When there’s compaction in play, it can choke roots and blades, providing the perfect opportunity for weeds to move in. That’s where aerating helps. With this technique, you’ll loosen up soil, leading to more airflow, sunlight, and nutrients reaching the root system.
  • Fertilizing your lawn. Feeding your turf delivers a good dose of essential nutrients today. Over time, it also strengthens your lawn so that grasses can naturally control lawn weeds and manage through stressors, like drought season in the Columbia area.
  • Mowing long. How you mow can limit or increase your weed population, depending on your approach. Mow too short and you’re setting grass up for weaker growth and more vulnerabilities. Instead, don’t cut off more than a third of the height at a time. Longer blades let your lawn maintain an optimal level of energy supplies, while also shading out weed seedlings attempting to emerge.
  • Watering deep. Avoid light watering, which encourages shallow root growth and leads to a yard that can’t stand up to stress well. Deeper and infrequent applications are best, soaking the soil through to about four to six inches.

Columbia’s Lawn Weed Control Team: Leave the Job to Us!

When you want expert help and exceptional results with your lawn weed control efforts, connect with Lawn Doctor of Columbia-Lexington-West Columbia. We’ll become your partner in lawn care, educating you on proper maintenance practices, as well as identifying and treating problems contributing to your infestation. From aerating and fertilizing to pre- and post-emergent treatments, our services will boot out weeds, while boosting beauty and curb appeal.

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