Lawn Aeration in Columbia

Your yard gets a lot of use during each season. Unfortunately, this can often lead to soil compaction and heavy thatch. These both hinder your lawn’s ability to get enough life-sustaining essentials to thrive. When this happens, Lawn Doctor of Columbia-Lexington-West Columbia can help. Our lawn aeration services, available in Columbia, Lexington, West Columbia and other nearby SC communities, are your solution for de-compressing soil and removing thatch build-up. As a result, your lawn can take in what it needs to grow back lusher and greener than ever before.

Lawn Aeration: The Benefits for Columbia Homeowners

There are many common signs to look for that point to compaction and thatch problems. These include poor drainage in the form of standing water, as well as weeds and diseases that are spreading fast. In addition, stunted growth and noticeable deficiencies can also be red flags. Also, if your soil type is clay, or if you park equipment or drive vehicles on your lawn, it’s more prone to compaction.

When you’re noticing a problem, Lawn Doctor of Columbia-Lexington-West Columbia can help your lawn breathe easy again with our aeration services. In fact, your lawn will benefit from:

  • More efficient use of fertilizer and nutrients in the soil
  • Roots that are stronger
  • Reduced water run-off and better absorption of moisture
  • Improved drought and heat tolerance
  • Increased resistance to problems with weeds and pests
  • Less surface thatch spreading

Lawn Aeration Services: How Our Process in Colombia Works

You can handle the job on your own by renting an aerator. Or you can go enjoy your day at the movies, or on the golf course, and let Lawn Doctor of Columbia-Lexington-West Columbia take care of lawn aeration.

When we do, we use the most effective approach, known as core aeration. With it, we’ll remove small cores of soil several inches deep, relieving compaction and allowing more nutrients and water to enter the root zone. The plugs left behind also break down on your lawn, releasing microbes into the thatch that eats away at it. Within a few weeks, you should see noticeable results in your lawn.

Lawn Doctor of Columbia-Lexington-West Columbia recommends regular lawn aeration. However, scheduling is dependent on your yard’s health, soil type, and unique needs. One of our experienced technicians can make the best recommendations for your lawn, so you can achieve optimal results.

In terms of timing, end of spring is typically ideal when it comes to aerating warm-season lawns. This is just prior to the peak growth season, meaning lawns can quickly fill in holes, growing in thicker and healthier in new and improved soil conditions.

Our local team has been beautifying lawns all over Columbia, Irmo, Chapin, Lexington, West Columbia, and other neighboring SC communities with our lawn aeration services. Contact us today at (803) 786-1414 to learn more with a free consultation.