Lawn Weed Control Service in Chardon

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass showing lawn weed control in ChardonDon’t let pesky weeds ruin all the hard work you’ve put into maintaining a green, healthy lawn. Turn to Lawn Doctor of Chardon for a lawn weed control plan that will help you battle weeds and get your lush lawn back. Our professional services identify the specific plants that are causing you trouble and help ensure they don’t return. Whether your home is located in Chardon, Chesterland, Gates Mills, Kirtland, Mentor, Painesville, Bainbridge, Willoughby, or a neighboring community, our local lawn care experts will work to keep unsightly weeds from taking over your lawn this season.

Why Lawn Weed Control in Chardon Matters

Weeds are stealthy plants that steal vital nutrients from your turf while taking up precious space in your lawn, crowding out the plants that you’re working hard to keep healthy. As weeds are able to grow in any place there is dirt and sunlight, it’s important to have a lawn weed control plan in place to protect your landscape. Lawn Doctor of Chardon can help by making sure your yard is treated according to the specific weeds that are taking root in your lawn.

There are two types of weeds that may cause trouble for your yard: broadleaf weeds, which include flowering plants like dandelions and wild violet, and grassy weeds, such as crabgrass. It’s important to have a local expert take a look at the weeds you’re dealing with since different types have different growing patterns. Annual weeds, for example, only grow over one year and are usually brought to your yard as seeds from an external source. In contrast, perennials take root on your lawn and grow over the span of multiple years, meaning these plants are harder to get rid of.

Our expert technicians at Lawn Doctor of Chardon work with a variety of lawn weed control treatments to provide you with optimal results. We remove any weeds that have currently taken root in your lawn so that they don’t come back in the future. We also use pre-emergents to kill weeds that have yet to establish a foothold on your turf. In addition to these services, we can also take preventative measures to keep weeds from beginning to grow in your yard, allowing you to enjoy the healthy, green lawn of your dreams.

For more information about our lawn weed control services in Chardon, Chesterland, Gates Mills, Kirtland, Mentor, Painesville, Bainbridge, Willoughby, and the surrounding areas, contact Lawn Doctor of Chardon today at (440) 241-9703.