Lawn Aeration in Chardon

Lawn aeration is one of several essential lawn maintenance tasks involved in keeping your yard healthy and resilient against the elements. Your lawn’s soil can become compacted over time due to several internal and external factors, and compacted soil can bring along several nasty side effects that can take a heavy toll on your lawn’s overall health. Aeration reverses the effects of compacted soil by loosening the earth and restoring healthy circulation. Our team at Lawn Doctor of Chardon improves the short and long-term health of lawns all over the Chardon, Chesterland, Gates Mills, Kirtland, Mentor, Painesville, Bainbridge and Willoughby, OH areas with our trusted lawn aeration service.

When Lawn Aeration Becomes Necessary

Lawn aeration provides the most benefit when administered just prior to your lawn’s prime growing season, which depends on the type of grass that populates it. However, there are times when your lawn may need additional aeration services to supplement pre-growing season aeration. Here are a few characteristics that can indicate that your yard requires supplemental aeration services:

  • Your lawn has developed brown spots
  • Grass growth is either stunted or has stopped completely
  • You frequently keep either vehicles or heavy machinery parked on your grass
  • Your lawn’s upper layers contain excessive levels of thatch
  • Your lawn sees heavy foot traffic throughout the year
  • Your lawn has been damaged by children or pets
  • Puddles form on the surface of your lawn during light rainfall

Lawn Aeration Benefits for Chardon Area Residents

Regular aeration comes along with a long list of potential benefits for lawns in Chardon. One of the most prominent benefits of aeration is the increased permeability it brings to your yard. Compacted soil can effectively seal your roots off from the surface, cutting off their access to the water, heat and oxygen they need to grow. Aeration creates channels in the top layers of soil, allowing these elements to penetrate down to the roots and give your yard a healthy boost. Another crucial benefit of lawn aeration is the space created for the roots to grow. Compacted soil can constrict the roots, and aeration loosens the earth around them to allow full development.

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