Year-Round Lawn Treatment by Lawn Doctor of Wayne

Everyone dreams of a lush, green lawn, but not everyone has the time, products, and equipment needed to make that dream come true. At Lawn Doctor of Wayne, we help bring your dreams of a healthier lawn to life. With our Lawn Maintainer Program, we provide Northeast New Jersey families with year-round lawn treatment. Lawn Maintainer covers all three of our core lawn treatment services: fertilization, weed control, and pest control. The result? A beautiful lawn, month after month, guaranteed.

Lawn Maintainer Fertilization for Wayne & Area

With year-round fertilization treatments from Lawn Doctor of Wayne, your lawn will be kept healthy and vibrant. Our fertilizer lawn treatments use slow-release fertilizers that deliver vital nutrients over time, ensuring your lawn stays healthy and fortified for weeks after our treatments. What’s more, our exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment ensures that fertilizer is spread out evenly over your lawn. This means you won’t see any of the patches of overgrowth or sparseness that typically come with DIY fertilization.

Year-Round Weed Control Lawn Treatment in Wayne

Lawn Maintainer provides your yard with our complete range of weed control options. With year-round weed maintenance by Lawn Doctor of Wayne, you’ll receive pre-emergent weed control, which stops weeds before they have the chance to sprout. Our weed control lawn treatments are available for both broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds, covering everything from dandelions to crabgrass.

Lawn Maintainer Pest Control by Lawn Doctor of Wayne

The Lawn Maintainer program also protects your lawn – and your family – against common lachildren playing and laughing on lawn treatment Wayne grass with soft diffused sunlightwn pests. With Lawn Maintainer protection, we provide regular lawn treatments that repel, reduce, and eliminate pests such as:

  • Mosquitoes & Ticks. Our Yard Armour® system prevents, controls, and maintains control of mosquitoes and ticks, two common yard pests which often carry dangerous diseases.
  • Household Pests. Our Perimeter Pest Control program keeps common household pests (like spiders and centipedes) away from your home.

Call Lawn Doctor of Wayne for Year-Round Lawn Treatment

Lawn Maintainer treatment programs from Lawn Doctor of Wayne are available throughout Northeast NJ, including in towns and cities like Clifton, Butler, Kinnelon, and Paramus. Call today at 973-492-9110 for a free estimate and remember – all treatments under our Lawn Maintainer program come fully guaranteed!

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