Lawn Maintenance in Hasbrouck Heights

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass after Lawn Doctor provided Lawn Maintenance in Hasbrouck Heights

To stay looking its best through the seasons, your lawn needs effective and individualized maintenance. However, taking this job on alone is demanding, and you can end up putting in more time and money than you bargained for. For a healthier, greener lawn without the headaches of DIY, call in the pros at Lawn Doctor of Wayne and Northern New Jersey. With our premium products and advanced equipment, we bring top-notch lawn maintenance to our neighbors spanning the entire Hasbrouck Heights, NJ area.

Our Proven Lawn Maintenance Treatment Options

Our long and outstanding reputation for keeping local lawns looking their best requires a comprehensive approach. We utilize several cutting-edge and proprietary lawn treatments to improve local lawns, enhance their composition, and keep them protected from external threats. Local Hasbrouck Heights area customers are loyal to us because we consistently deliver the professional quality results they demand, year after year. Here are just a few of the many services we offer that enable us to continually bring our customers healthier lawns:


Your lawn needs nutrients to grow, and fertilization’s job is to provide those nutrients. However, many fertilization treatments come out uneven, leading to discoloration and other issues. We use specialized equipment to ensure an even fertilization application every time, bringing you a lawn that’s greener, healthier, and more resilient to external threats.

Weed Control

Keeping weeds under control is a big part of maintaining a healthy lawn, but taking them on alone is tricky. We use advanced broadleaf and grassy weed control products to effectively fight weeds and prevent them from coming back later on in the year.

Tree and Shrub Care

At Lawn Doctor of Wayne and Northern New Jersey, we do more than just look after your grass. We’ll also use our top-of-the-line lawn care products and our proven strategies to keep your trees and shrubs healthy.

Locally-Tailored Lawn Maintenance for Hasbrouck Heights Residents

Another benefit of choosing our lawn maintenance is the local expertise we offer. We know the Hasbrouck Heights area, and we’ll combine this local expertise with our advanced products and equipment to bring you results that last longer than those produced by cookie-cutter treatments.

We offer our locally-tailored lawn maintenance to our neighbors located throughout:

  • Hasbrouck Heights
  • Wayne
  • Butler
  • Clifton
  • Kinnelon
  • Fair Lawn
  • And throughout the surrounding Northeastern NJ area

Ready to get started with our lawn maintenance in Hasbrouck Heights? To learn more about our comprehensive treatment programs and get an estimate, contact us today!