Lawn Tick Control from Lawn Doctor of Brewster

Yard Armour lawn Tick Control PlansTicks are not only a nuisance to deal with in your lawn, but they’re also dangerous. Lawn Doctor of Brewster offers lawn tick control to protect your family, your pets, your home, and your lawn from ticks and the dangerous diseases they carry like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Our lawn tick control services not only eradicate these dangerous pests,but also protect your lawn from future outbreaks.

Our Lawn Tick Control Serviceslawn tick control

The only way to prevent ticks from infesting your lawn is to start some type of lawn tick control service to protect your property in the Brewster area. Our tick treatments work by following three different stages:

  • Prevention: Our lawn tick control services help to make your lawn an unsuitable environment for ticks. Our prevention techniques keep ticks from breeding and settling in your lawn.
  • Control: If you’re already noticing ticks, our lawn tick control plan includes removing them from your property using a range of products and applications with proven effectiveness.
  • Ongoing maintenance: Once prevention plans are set in place and we’ve removed the ticks currently on your property, Lawn Doctor of Brewster continues lawn tick control with additional treatments to maintain your tick-free status.

Local Lawn Tick Control Experts

One of the many benefits of our lawn tick control plan is the consultative nature of our services. While we use proven products and techniques, like Yard Armour®, to prevent ticks from settling in your yard, we also work closely with you to develop strategies that make your yard less desirable for ticks. Our team of experts will share ideas for prevention including cutting back foliage, the proper grass height for preventing ticks and removing areas where ticks commonly live and breed. Our team are experts in the conditions and environments that make ideal breeding grounds for ticks.

Lawn Doctor of Brewster can also combine lawn tick control with our lawn maintenance programs to keep your lawn lush, beautiful, and healthy. We proudly assist homeowners in Brewster, Fishkill, Wappingers Falls, Poughkeepsie, and throughout Putnam County.

Ticks are a big concern. You don’t have to tackle this problem alone.

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