Keeping Your Lawn Beautiful with Lawn Weed Control

Close up of blades of grass treated with lawn weed control If you’ve spent even one hour pulling weeds or trying to control the unsightly growth in your lawn, then you know just how frustrating it can be. There is nothing worse than spending an entire Saturday pulling thee weeds that are growing in your lawn, only to discover the next week that the weeds are back and there to stay. Don’t torture yourself any longer – Lawn Doctor of Brewster offers lawn weed control services that prevent weeds from growing, eradicates the ones that are, and maintains your lush lawn.

The Importance of Lawn Weed Control

Weeds are more than just unsightly – they’re also detrimental to your lawn. Even the weeds flower, like dandelions and clover, can cause damage to your grass. Our lawn weed control services protect your lawn from common weeds of all varieties including broadleaf and grassy weeds. The most common broadleaf weed is the dandelion; a truly invasive and hard to eradicate weed. Most homeowners dealing with grassy weeds are fighting to control the spread of crabgrass, a weed that grows under the same conditions as your regular grass. Without proper lawn weed control, you may find that the things you’re doing to fertilize your grass and keep it healthy are also helping your weeds survive.

If you’re still not convinced that you need our Brewster lawn weed control, keep in mind that where there’s dirt, there’s potential weed growth. Meaning even the smallest parts of your yard, such as the space between pavers in a garden or your driveway, are susceptible to weed growth.

We’re Your Local Lawn Weed Control Experts

Lawn Doctor of Brewster hires local experts for our team. We know that the growing conditions in the Brewster area are unique and a company without local expertise certainly won’t do. Our team’s extensive knowledge of the types of weeds that commonly grow in Brewster and the surrounding areas makes our lawn weed control services that much more effective. We know what works best for your lawn and how to determine the weed growth and destroy it. Our lawn weed control treatments also include preventative help to keep the weeds from coming back.

To keep your lawn well-maintained, healthy, and beautiful, call Lawn Doctor of Brewster at 845-582-0545 for lawn weed control services.