Lawn Seeding in the Brewster Area

Achieving a lush, thick lawn isn’t as easy as regular mowing and watering. In fact, over time, your grass ages, breaks down, thins out, and even dies off – regardless of the effort you put into it. That’s where lawn aeration and seeding from the Brewster area experts at Lawn Doctor of Putnam County and Wappinger Falls can help. With aeration, we can cut down on thatch and soil compaction. With lawn seeding, we can build up your lawn’s turf density. It’s the fastest way to a thicker lawn you can enjoy for years to come.

Get a More Beautiful Lawn with Power Seeding

Lawn Doctor expert providing lawn seeding in BrewsterEvery lawn needs to be seeded at one time or another. This is especially true for aging lawns with older grass varieties that are more susceptible to insect and weed infestations. With power seeding from Lawn Doctor of Putnam County and Wappinger Falls, we start the process by cultivating your soil first, then mixing seed right into it. This means there’s better seed-to-soil contact and a higher rate of germination. You can expect to see new growth – and a thicker, healthier lawn – in the weeks and months after our services are performed.

One reason homeowners in Brewster and Putnam and Dutchess County area choose us time and again for lawn seeding is our Turf Tamer® seeding equipment. This leading edge, proprietary equipment is designed with ground-metered technology, which not only promotes aeration, but also ensures the optimal amount of grass seed is planted in your soil. This allows for better initial plant development. Not only that, but its reciprocating action means your existing turf isn’t damaged in the process.

In Brewster and the Putnam and Dutchess County area, lawn seeding is best performed in autumn. The warm days, cool nights, and sufficient rainfall offer prime conditions in which new seed can grow and get established. During this time, developing grass won’t have to compete with aggressive weeds, like dandelion and clover.

Why We’re the Brewster Area Experts in Lawn Seeding

At Lawn Doctor of Putnam County and Wappinger Falls, our experienced technicians understand local growing and climate conditions. They also know which grass seed will perform best in your yard – and in our area – as a result. Not only that, but our professional team can assess the overall health and quality of your grass and soil so it gets everything it needs to thrive, no matter the season.

Reinvigorate your yard with help from Lawn Doctor of Putnam County and Wappinger Falls. Call us today at 845.582.0545 for your free lawn evaluation. Our lawn seeding services are available for homeowners in Brewster as well as Putnam & Dutchess Counties.