Lawn Care Service in Jonestown

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass after Lawn Doctor provided Lawn Care Service in Jonestown

Maintaining a healthy, green lawn requires much more than just mowing the grass. At Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks, we help local lawns fend off the external threats that pop up through the seasons. With our proven approach to lawn care services in Jonestown, PA, our team brings out the best in local lawns and keeps them lush and strong over time. Whether your yard needs a simple pick-me-up or a multi-faceted repair plan, our team has your outdoor areas covered.

How Does Professional Lawn Care Service Benefit Jonestown Lawns?

When your grass gets too long, you fix it by mowing. How do you fix the other problems your lawn faces on a continuous basis? With our extensive range of treatment options, we have what it takes to help your lawn bounce back from whatever issues it’s currently facing, while also improving its appearance. Here’s a quick look at just a few of the many issues we address in local lawns:

Compacted Soil

Compacted soil is an extremely common issue, and it can also be one of the most difficult to handle on your own. DIY aeration can be extremely labor-intensive, and the results you’ll get from it can be limited. With our core aeration treatments, our team quickly breaks compacted soil apart, restoring the essential circulation of water, nutrients, and oxygen to your lawn’s root systems.

Nutrient Imbalances

Nutrients are essential for your lawn’s growth and ongoing development, but they can be tough to come by naturally during certain parts of the year. This can lead to discoloration, lawn diseases, and a long list of other problems. With our fertilization treatments, we replace the nutrients in your yard with comprehensive fertilization treatments to boost your lawn’s health and give it what it needs to stay healthy through the seasons.

Weed Infestations

If not quickly dealt with, weeds can spread and take over your entire lawn. Dealing with weeds on your own can be risky, as the wrong products can damage your lawn. With our proven treatments and our cutting-edge products, we make short work of both grassy and broadleaf weeds, while leaving your grass unharmed.

Our proven lawn care services are available to our neighbors in:

  • Jonestown
  • Reading
  • Lebanon
  • Berks County
  • Lebanon County
  • And throughout the surrounding communities

To get started with our lawn care service in Jonestown, contact us today!