Grub Control

Grub Control in Reinholds grub-control The white grub is an immature (larval) form of a scarab beetle. Grubs live in the soil and feed on plant roots, so you may not be aware of them until you see damage. The Grub Prevention Program from Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks reduces the population of grubs before they cause damage to your beautiful green lawn. Lawn Doctor’s Grub Prevention Program can benefit your lawn by providing long, residual protection against subsurface insects – effectively, economically, and with no offensive odor. Symptoms of grub damage include a gradual thinning of your lawn despite adequate watering, and scattered irregular dead patches that feel spongy underfoot and can be pulled up or rolled back easily. Lawn Doctor of Lebanon and Berks can apply a Curative Grub Control application to minimize damage caused by existing grubs in your lawn. Call our office in Reinholds for more information about Grub Control applications.