Lawn Fertilization in Wheaton: How Homes and Businesses Benefit 

extremely green grass thanks to our lawn fertilization in WheatonFertilization is essential to keeping your lawn healthy and thick. With the number of fertilizers and combination products available, and different application rates for different times of the year, applying fertilizer is complicated. It can also be dangerous to the lawn and environment if it is over-applied. Let your local lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora handle the complexity of fertilization and weed control for your lawn. Homeowners throughout the Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, West Chicago, Winfield, Geneva, and Lombard, IL areas count on our premium lawn fertilization treatments for stronger and healthier lawns throughout the year.

How Lawn Fertilization Boosts the Health of Wheaton Area Lawns

Primarily, fertilization improves the nutrient density of your lawn in Wheaton, but the resulting benefits can be widespread when properly administered. Here is a closer look at a few of the benefits of effective lawn fertilization from Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora:

Improved Growth

Grass needs a few things to grow: sunlight, water, and nutritious soil. Your lawn’s nutrient levels can fall throughout the year as your plants use them up. If they’re not replaced, stunted growth, thinning, fading, and several other unsightly side effects can pop up in Wheaton. Lawn fertilization treatments replenish your lawn’s nutrient stores so it can go on producing healthy growth.

Increased Disease Resistance

Healthy turf resists disease. Well fed turf is healthy. Several lawn diseases, however, thrive when the turf is under-nourished or has nutrient imbalances. Nutrient imbalances are a detriment to your lawn’s overall health, and they can cause problems both in the soil and on the surface of your lawn. At Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora, we apply lawn fertilization treatments to correct and maintain the proper nutrient balance in the soil.

Increased Weed Resistance

Weeds can be a menacing sight once they start to appear in your yard. Regular fertilization is an important component in weed control. Maintaining thick healthy turf is the best defense against weeds. A lawn with balanced and abundant nutrients has grass with thicker roots, leaving less room for weeds to infiltrate.

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