Lawn Weed Control Treatment Plans in Naperville Stop Lawn Invaders

Close up of blades of grass showing lawn weed control in NapervilleWeeds are an unwelcome sight in any lawn, and their ability to spread quickly and develop dense root systems can make them difficult to control once they become established.  At Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora, we bring local homeowners proven weed control treatments for healthier-looking lawns throughout the entire year. We offer proven treatments to eliminate active weeds, prevent them from spreading, and keep your lawn clear of them in the long run. Homeowners spanning the Naperville, Batavia, Aurora, Lisle, Downers Grove, and St. Charles areas depend on our proven lawn weed control treatments for effective coverage from season-to-season.

How We Control Weeds in Naperville Lawns

Effective weed control requires a comprehensive and consistent approach to treatment. Simply pulling weeds and applying occasional spot treatments isn’t enough to contend with quickly-spreading species like dandelions, ground ivy, clover, and wild violets. We offer proven weed control solutions to eliminate these invasive plants while keeping the rest of your lawn healthy and green.  Here is a closer look at how we control the most prominent weed varieties in local lawns:

Broadleaf Weeds

Eliminating broadleaf weeds requires consistency. Because different plants show up at different times of the season and some varieties require multiple applications to completely eliminate the plant, consistent visits and applications with the appropriate weed control products are necessary to achieve the best results. Our weed control programs are designed with this consistency to ensure proper timing throughout the growing season to ensure the best results.

Grassy Weeds

The best control for grassy weeds is to not let them germinate. With the proper timing and consistency, we apply proven weed control products to keep the grassy weed seeds from germinating to keep your lawn looking the best it can. And if the grassy weeds do germinate, we do offer proven post-emergent products to control grassy weeds.

Our Ongoing Lawn Weed Control Programs

Keeping your lawn free of weeds from year-to-year requires a consistent treatment plan. We offer Naperville homeowners flexible, long-term weed control programs to bring them weed-free lawns without the need to reschedule service every time a fresh crop of these invasive plants starts popping up. When you choose one of these programs, you can set your schedule and leave the rest in the hands of our team of experts.

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