Lawn Aeration in the Naperville Area

Are you noticing thin, patchy grass in your lawn? Standing puddles of water after rain? It could be due to soil compaction. As soil becomes compressed, roots can’t breathe and eventually begin to suffocate. As a result, grass slowly dies over time. But you can bring your lawn back to life with core aeration from the Naperville area lawn experts: Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora. We know what it takes to break up compaction – and keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful, year-round.

How Does Aeration Benefit My Lawn?

There are two approaches to aeration: spike, which uses spikes on a roller to perforate your lawn, and core aeration. At Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora, we rely on core aeration because it does a more thorough job. With this method, an aerator simply removes plugs of soil and thatch in your lawn. This makes way for more oxygen, water, nutrients, and sunlight to penetrate and flow deeply into the soil. As a result, your lawn will:

  • Develop a stronger root system
  • Absorb fertilizer and water more efficiently
  • Grow in thicker and more vibrant in the weeks and months following aeration

How Can I Identify Soil Compaction?

There are some signs Naperville area homeowners can look for that indicate soil compaction, thatch build-up, and the need for lawn aeration. These include thin growth, bare spots, and water that’s running off instead of getting absorbed. Likewise, clay soils and lawns that get a lot of use or have vehicles parked on them are more prone to compaction. And if you can’t stick a screwdriver easily into the soil, your lawn definitely needs to be aerated.

When is the Best Time to Perform Aeration?

That depends. Do you have cool season or warm season grass? For cool season grass, like ryegrass, aeration is best performed in the fall or early spring. For warm season grass, such as Bermuda, late spring is a better time to aerate. This is just prior to the peak growth cycle so grass can grow and quickly fill in aeration holes.

Should I Do Lawn Aeration Myself, or Turn to the Naperville Area’s Experts?

You can certainly rent an aerator and spend the day aerating your lawn on your own, but the machines are often hard-to-use and one mistake can cause turf damage. Or you can leave the work to the Naperville area’s aeration experts at Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora. We have the equipment and expertise to aerate your lawn properly and efficiently, while you enjoy your day.

Whether you live in Naperville, Batavia, Aurora, Lisle, Downers Grove, or St. Charles, our aeration technicians can bring your lawn back to life. Call Lawn Doctor of Batavia-Aurora today at 630.406.8535 to learn more or schedule your free consultation.