Lawn Aeration for the Wheaton & Naperville Areas

lawn aeration machine on wheels labeled Turf TamerIs your grass struggling to thrive the way it should? If so, you may be in need of lawn aeration. At Lawn Doctor of Naperville, our lawn aeration services help homeowners in Wheaton, Naperville, Downers Grove, St. Charles, and other nearby communities breathe new life into their lawns. By offering professional core aeration, our team relieves compacted soil and heavily built up thatch, delivering more effective, longer-lasting results compared to DIY and spike aeration methods.

“Does My Lawn Need Aeration?”

Many Wheaton area homeowners are unsure if lawn aeration is right for their lawn. Lawn aeration becomes necessary when air cannot properly flow through your lawn’s soil. This happens when soil becomes compacted, or when thatch (dead plant matter, like old roots) builds up on the surface of your lawn’s soil. This restricts airflow, causing grass to yellow and wither.

One way to test if your lawn might need aeration is the screwdriver test. Simply try to insert a flathead screwdriver into your soil. If this is difficult, your lawn likely needs lawn aeration. It should be noted that the screwdriver test is not 100% accurate. For a more accurate diagnosis, call Wheaton’s lawn aeration experts at Lawn Doctor of Naperville. Spring and fall are the recommended times for lawn aeration, however we can evaluate your lawn aeration needs at any time.

Core Aeration for Wheaton & the Western Suburbs

Lawn aeration services from Lawn Doctor of Naperville offer core aeration to Wheaton-area homeowners. Unlike spike aeration, which uses a manual tool to punch holes into your lawn’s soil, core aeration offers more even, effective, and long-lasting results. This is because core aeration is performed using carefully calibrated machinery, loosening soil more consistently and evenly than spike aeration equipment.

Combining Lawn Aeration with Lawn Seeding

If you are seeding your lawn, there is a good chance you will want to aerate your lawn in coordination with your lawn seeding services. Well-aerated soil is essential for healthy seed growth, and a lawn with compacted soil or heavy thatch will struggle to grow new grass. Our lawn care experts happily help homeowners throughout the Wheaton and the western suburbs with guidance on how to coordinate lawn seeding and lawn aeration.

Call Today to Book Your Lawn Aeration Service

Our lawn aeration services are available throughout the Wheaton and Naperville areas, including nearby towns and communities like Batavia, Aurora, Lisle, Winfield, Glen Ellyn, West Chicago, Geneva, and Lombard.

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