Lawn Care in Abilene: Common Questions Answered

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass showing lawn care in AbileneThere are several benefits that come with leaving the repair and maintenance of your yard to a team of professionals. However, we understand how the process of leaving your lawn in the hands of someone else can be cause for concern. If you’ve been thinking about leaving your yard in the hands of the pros, but you still have some questions, get in touch with us! We’re dedicated to serving our customers, and we have a team on standby to address any questions that you have about our approach to lawn care in the Abilene, Buffalo Gap, and Tye, TX areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lawn Care in Abilene

It’s common for Abilene homeowners to come to us with questions before deciding to work with us. Because of this, there is a long list of concerns that we address on a frequent basis, and there is a good chance that a few of your questions are on this list. Here are some of the common questions we get and their corresponding answers to help you determine if our approach to lawn care is a match for your needs:

Is Lawn Doctor a national or local lawn care company? There are Lawn Doctor locations scattered all over the country. However, each one of our franchises is owned and operated by a team of locals. At Lawn Doctor of Abilene-Breckenridge-Brownwood, we know how to work around the Abilene area’s unique environmental qualities to bring our customers long-lasting results.

How many applications will it take to get my lawn back to 100%? Every lawn comes with its own unique set of characteristics, issues, and imbalances, which is why it is impossible to pin down a specific number of treatments that will facilitate a full recovery in every lawn out there. To get your lawn healthy fast, our technicians will design a customized treatment plan to make sure that all of its issues are effectively addressed.

I’ve tried everything and my grass still won’t grow. Can Lawn Doctor help me? Getting your lawn to grow and keep growing through the seasons can be a challenge without professional assistance. Our team will combine our industry know-how with a cutting-edge selection of treatments to get your lawn green and growing in no time.

To learn more about our lawn care in Abilene, contact us today! We offer proven lawn care services to our neighbors in Abilene, Buffalo Gap, Tye, and the surrounding communities.