Lawn Aeration in Abilene

lawn technician power seeding showing lawn aeration in AbileneYour soil’s composition plays a big part in determining the overall health of your lawn. With soil that is compressed or compacted, your lawn loses the ability to freely circulate the oxygen, nutrients, water, and other elements your grass and other plants need to stay green and growing through the seasons. At Lawn Doctor of Abilene-Breckenridge-Brownwood, we utilize cutting-edge lawn aeration treatments to improve circulation and overall health in lawns spanning the Abilene, Hawley, and Tuscola, TX areas.

How Lawn Aeration In Abilene Keeps Lawns Healthy

There is a long list of benefits that come along with regular, effective lawn aeration. Here are some of the key ways that regular lawn aeration keeps your yard healthy throughout the year:

  • Improved airflow throughout your soil.
  • Stronger root systems.
  • Enhanced effectiveness of fertilization treatments.
  • Increased access to the water and heat that comes from above the surface of the soil.

When Lawn Aeration is Needed

Lawn aeration can go a long way towards keeping your lawn healthy, but when is the best time to aerate? Figuring out the right time to administer lawn aeration isn’t always the easiest task to keep up with, especially if you’re busy with work, the kids, and the rest of daily life. There is a wide array of different indicators that our technicians use to determine if our customers’ lawns need to be aerated. Here are a couple of them:

Clay Soil. If the soil in your yard has a high content of clay, it will need to be aerated more often than lawns with other soil types. Clay soil can easily become compacted, blocking your plants’ access to the nutrients and other elements that they need to grow. We’ll create and implement an aeration program to keep your soil healthy and readily circulating everything your grass and other plants need to stay healthy.

Heavy Foot Traffic. One of the most common causes of compacted soil in local lawns is heavy foot, vehicle, and machine traffic. More weight and impact over time means more compression in your yard, leading to compacted soil. If your lawn sees a lot of activity, it will likely need frequent aeration. Our aeration treatments will break up any compacted areas and help your lawn get back on track to healthy, consistent growth.

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