About Us

Lawn Doctor of Abilene-Breckenridge-Brownwood is owned and operated by Scott and Sheryl Tarkenton. The couple relocated to West Texas after an extensive search for an area that would complement their family lifestyle. Scott has been a volunteer chaplain throughout his life and continues his service in Abilene. The couple has four sons ranging in age from fifteen to twenty-five.

A desire to build a business for their family with the opportunity to “serve others both in business and in the community,” led Scott and Sheryl to Lawn Doctor. They plan to run the business together, bringing in help from their eldest and youngest sons. Scott will draw on his experience as a call center manager to serve lawn care customers in the field, and Sheryl will bring her experience from the corporate world and as an educator to run the office.

“Crabgrass and clover weeds are a couple of the top concerns for property owners in the area and we plan to address those lawn care issues to help our customers achieve the healthy, lush lawns they desire,” Scott noted. They will also offer Lawn Doctor Fire Ant Control Service, providing their customers with protection from the turf damage and painful stings that come along with these aggressive pests.

Lawn Doctor of Abilene-Breckenridge-Brownwood provides residential and commercial lawn services to the West Texas area including Abilene, Breckenridge, Brownwood, Wylie and Anson.

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