Mosquito Control Services for Wilmington, DE

You want to live, play, and relax outside during warm-weather months. But when mosquitoes get in the way of your vision, Lawn Doctor of Wilmington can help. We offer a variety of mosquito control services to homeowners across the Wilmington, DE area. Whether you’re interested in season-long protection from the threat of mosquitoes, or a one-time spray to safeguard your big event, we’ve got the solutions you need, so you don’t have to worry when you and your family step outside.

Yard Armour Mosquito Control for Wilmington, DE Homeowners

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in Wilmington DEWith Yard Armour® Mosquito Control program from Lawn Doctor of Wilmington DE, you can get powerful protection on your property, greatly reducing the risk of itchy bites and serious mosquito-borne illnesses. Before we begin, we will talk to you about all our solutions and which will work best in your yard, so you fully understand the treatments and application schedule.

Our pest control services, from Lawn Doctor Wilmington, DE, can help with:

  • Mosquito Prevention. Our professional technicians will determine areas in your yard that are attracting mosquitoes and educate you on how to get rid of them, so a re-infestation doesn’t occur.
  • Mosquito Control. Our barrier applications in Wilmington DE go a long way in defending your family. Not only do they treat adult insects, but stop the development of their eggs and larvae, preventing future generations from multiplying.
  • Mosquito Maintenance. With populations under control, we will return to your property on a regular basis to deliver maintenance treatments that keep mosquitoes away.

Other Mosquito Control Services Available in Wilmington, DE

mosquito control in Wilmington DEWhatever your mosquito control needs, Lawn Doctor of Wilmington, DE is here for you with a range of solutions. These include:

  • One-time event sprays for weddings, picnics, graduation parties, and more.
  • Natural lawn care solutions for an eco-friendly approach to controlling mosquitoes in your lawn.
  • Mosquito Sentry® Repellent System for a self-contained unit that emits a vapor fog to naturally drive away aggressive mosquitoes.

No matter the pest control solutions you’re interested in, you can rest easy with Lawn Doctor of Wilmington, DE, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want to make sure you are completely happy with our work. But if you’re not, simply call us and we promise to make it right.

Protect your family and property this summer with professional pest control services. Beyond Wilmington, DE, our mosquito control services are also available throughout Centreville, Herndon, Vienna, Clifton, Fairfax Station, Chantilly, and in other nearby areas. Call 302.656.4900 today for your free consultation to learn more.