Lawn Aeration in Wilmington, DE

Want a beautiful lawn with a healthy, deep-growing root system? Our lawn aeration solution, offered across the Wilmington, DE area, provides the pathway. With it, Lawn Doctor of Wilmington can reduce thatch build-up, relieve soil compaction, and enable more nutrients, water, and air to nourish grass roots. Not only will your lawn look better and stronger, but it will be easier to care for, too.

Lawn Aeration: How to Tell It’s Time

Lawn aeration is simply the process of using a machine to remove small plugs of compacted soil and heavy thatch from your lawn. But how can you tell your soil is compacted or thatch is a problem in the first place? There are many signs and red flags to watch for, including:

  • Water that’s running off or puddling
  • Deficient-looking grass that’s wilting or yellowing, despite proper fertilization
  • A rise in weeds and diseases

In addition, if your soil composition is clay-based, your lawn experiences a lot of everyday foot traffic, or you drive over it, these can all lead to compaction and an overgrowth of surface thatch. At Lawn Doctor of Wilmington, DE, we can assess your lawn to determine when and how often aeration is needed.

Lawn Doctor of Wilmington: Why Choose Our Local Team of Experts?

We offer the best of both worlds when it comes to aeration. We combine core aeration, the most thorough method, with our industry-leading, proprietary Turf Tamer® equipment for an effective and consistent approach. Our team of experts will also determine the best time of year to aerate your lawn, depending on the type of grass you have, soil factors, and growing conditions.

With our aeration services, your yard will benefit from:

  • Fertilizer that better reaches grass roots, stimulating growth
  • Roots that have the ability to grow deeper into the soil and expand
  • Improved air exchange in the soil
  • Boosted water intake
  • A healthier, lusher-looking lawn

If you’d like to further enhance your lawn’s health and appearance, take advantage of our seeding services, too. The ideal time to seed your lawn is actually right after aeration since soil is exposed, leading to better seed-to-soil contact and higher germination rates. Combining aeration and seeding will provide you with a beautiful, green lawn you’ll love spending time in.

Learn more about lawn aeration from Lawn Doctor of Wilmington, DE by calling our team at (302) 656-4900 and scheduling a free consultation.