Lawn Care Services in the Spring Branch Area of West Houston, TX

Tired of spending all your time trying to improve the quality of your lawn? Want to get to the bottom of common issues that just don’t seem to go away? Lawn Doctor of West Houston can help. We offer a wide range of lawn care services ideal for busy homeowners who want a healthy turf without breaking the bank.

From natural lawn care options to our Annual Lawn Maintainer Program, Lawn Doctor can restore your lawn to like-new turf. We’ll come up with an all-inclusive plan to treat your lawn, considering your knowledge and past treatments. Our specialists explain everything, so you know exactly what the service entails. And when it’s time to care for your lawn, we’ll work the service into your schedule without interrupting it. Our Lawn Doctor Guarantee ensures that you are 100% satisfied with our work, we’ll make it right*.

Leveraging our knowledge and experience of Houston area soil and climate conditions, we can ensure that your lawn and landscaping are healthy and flourishing. This not only gives you the lawn you’ve always dreamed of without any of the hassles…it can increase the value of your home, too. After all, you shouldn’t have to visit Agnes Moffit Park to appreciate green grass!

The top lawn care services that homeowners in Spring Branch use most include:

  • Annual Lawn Maintainer Program
  • Fertilization
  • All-season Lawn Insect Preventive Program
  • Weed Control
  • pH Balancing
  • Natural Lawn Care
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Outdoor Pest Control
    • Sod Webworm
    • Chinch Bug Control
    • White Grub Control
    • Fire Ant Control
  • Commercial Lawn Services
  • Tick Control
  • Mosquito Control

Annual Lawn Maintainer Program

This popular program helps you get the lush, thick lawn you’ve always wanted—all year long. Our lawn care specialists will feed your lawn so it continues to thrive while eliminating weeds such as crabgrass, which can quickly take over a yard. Because we have extensive knowledge of the area, we can pinpoint exactly what your lawn needs to succeed the first time around. Most homeowners are surprised at how quickly their lawns look restored.

The Lawn Doctor Maintainer Program consist of three primary services:

  1. Lawn Fertilization
  2. Pre-emergent Weed Control
  3. Crabgrass, Sedges and Broadleaf Weed Control

Houston lawns usually need about seven treatments a year for optimal care. We’ll make sure those visits fit into your schedule seamlessly.

Spring Branch is known for attractive parks and bayous. Now your lawn can add to the beauty of this flourishing neighborhood.

Ready to enjoy a lawn that your neighbors will envy? Call Lawn Doctor of West Houston today (or contact us here).

*If you are not satisfied with the results of an application, we’ll either return and reapply that application at no additional charge or refund the full cost of your last application. Certain restrictions may apply.