Lawn Care Services in the Bellaire Area of West Houston, TX

A lush, lasting lawn begins with a program that’s customized for your yard. At Lawn Doctor of West Houston, we serve residents of the Bellaire section and beyond with exceptional lawn care services that you can count on.

From natural lawn care to our Annual Lawn Maintainer Program—not to mention the Lawn Doctor Guarantee—our customers receive the very best lawn care.  We stand behind our ability to design a lawn care program that meets your needs and fits into your budget. In fact, we’ll make sure that you’re 100% satisfied with our service*.

The Grass is Always Greener in Bellaire, TX—With Lawn Doctor

Dubbed the “City of Homes,” Bellaire is known for its many houses. What keeps this neighborhood looking so sharp despite the different architectural styles? The turf, of course.

You may have tried other lawn care services, or you may be tired of trying to maintain a lawn on your own. Save time, money and aggravation with Lawn Doctor. Our expert knowledge of and experience with Houston-area lawn conditions makes it a no-brainer to rely on us for a thick, green lawn. Once we evaluate your yard and fully explain a proposed plan, we can go to work applying treatments that will improve the health of your lawn—not to mention the value of your home.

Having a lawn care service can make it easy to ensure that you maintain Bellaire appeal, but not all landscaping services deliver the best quality, lasting results or all the services needed for exceptional outdoor living. Lawn Doctor of West Houston makes it easier—and more affordable—than ever to keep your home looking its best. Plus, you won’t spend weekends taking care of your yard, giving you more time doing the things that matter most to you.

Comprehensive Lawn Service in Bellaire, Texas

Our most popular services for lawns include the following:

  • Annual Lawn Maintainer Program
  • All-season Lawn Insect Preventive Program
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilization
  • pH Balancing
  • Tree and Shrub Care
  • Natural Lawn Care
  • Outdoor Pest Control
    • Sod Webworm
    • Chinch Bug Control
    • Fire Ant Control
    • White Grub Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Tick Control
  • Commercial Lawn Services

Annual Lawn Maintainer Program

We all want impeccable curb appeal, but that means taking care of your lawn throughout the year. Avoid the time and hassles of lawn care with Lawn Doctor’s comprehensive and ongoing Lawn Maintainer Program. We deliver exactly what your lawn needs so it always looks its best—despite humidity and flooding common to the Houston region.

Our Lawn Doctor Maintainer Program consist of three primary services:

  1. Lawn Fertilization
  2. Pre-emergent Weed Control
  3. Crabgrass, Nutsedge and Broadleaf Weed Control

Ready for greener living? Contact Lawn Doctor of West Houston today.

*If you are not satisfied with the results of an application, we’ll either return and reapply that application at no additional charge or refund the full cost of your last application. Certain restrictions may apply.