Mosquito Control Services for Allentown, PA

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in Allentown PAMosquitoes do a lot more than simply annoy and bite. They’re a carrier for a variety of serious diseases that can put you, your family, and your pets at risk. The good news is that you can dramatically reduce this threat with help from the Allentown PA area’s mosquito control specialists. At Lawn Doctor of Warren, we offer powerful solutions to treat and control these persistent and dangerous pests. We can effectively defend you and your loved ones, so never have to worry about the time you spend outside.

The Allentown, PA Area’s Proven Mosquito Control Program: Yard Armour

When the outdoor season begins in the Allentown PA area, you want to enjoy it, not struggle to control mosquitoes for months. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Warren’s Yard Armour Mosquito Control program comes in. With it, we can safeguard your lawn through a series of carefully timed treatment sprays. These are powerful against suppressing adult insects and their eggs and larvae, as well as creating a safety barrier around your property.

Yard Armour mosquito control means continuous coverage for Allentown PA-area homeowners. Throughout the outdoor season, Lawn Doctor of Warren will return to your property regularly to monitor mosquito populations and deliver maintenance applications timed along with the insect lifecycle. These ensure your lawn and loved ones are always well-protected during the season.

Beyond the treatments we deliver, Lawn Doctor of Warren will also offer tips and advice on making your yard less friendly for mosquitoes. This includes showing you where mosquitoes are breeding and how to eliminate these trouble spots.

Our Other Specialty Mosquito Control Services in Allentown, PA

Families from all over the Allentown PA area regularly rely on Lawn Doctor of Warren when they want the most effective mosquito control services. They know that no matter their needs and budget, we have the best-fit solution. Some of the specialty services we offer in addition to our standard Yard Armour program include:

  • Single special event sprays. From weddings and parties to picnics and family gatherings, Lawn Doctor of Warren’s one-time event sprays can protect your big day and ensure mosquitoes are never on your mind.
  • All-natural mosquito treatments. Lawn Doctor of Warren offers a natural variation of our Yard Armour program for the most earth-friendly solution in pest control. It incorporates 100% natural / organic ingredients into our approach.

Lawn Doctor of Warren is your local source for 100% guaranteed mosquito control services in Allentown PA, as well as in many nearby areas, including Washington, Hackettstown, Randolph, Quakertown and Sparta. Call us today at 908.835.8700 to learn more and get started with a free evaluation.