Lawn Aeration in the Hackettstown Area

You spend a lot of time in your yard. But heavy foot traffic and environmental factors can result in compressed soil, thatch build-up, and grass that looks worn out and ragged. How can you revive your lawn? With aeration services from the Hackettstown area’s lawn care experts. At Lawn Doctor of Warren, we know how to break through thatch, decompress soil, and get your lawn breathing and thriving again.

What’s Lawn Aeration & How Does it Work?Lawn Doctor expert check the soil for lawn aeration needs

Core lawn aeration, which is the method Lawn Doctor of Warren uses, is simply the process of coring out small plugs of soil, grass, and thatch in your lawn. This not only relieves soil compaction – which can suffocate grass roots – but also breaks down heavy thatch build-up on the surface. As a result, air can flow more freely into your soil while nutrients, water, and sunlight better penetrate and reach roots. It’s a recipe for a stronger, healthier yard, as well as:

  • More vigorous roots and growth
  • Better heat and drought tolerance
  • The ability to absorb nutrients and water more efficiently
  • Thicker, more luscious grass

In fact, in the weeks and months that follow aeration, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your lawn.

Determining the Need for Lawn Aeration

As the Hackettstown area’s aeration experts, Lawn Doctor of Warren knows if you’ve been faithfully watering and fertilizing without any results, then your soil might be compacted. Likewise, if you’re noticing thinning grass and standing puddles of water, both are indicators of soil compaction. And if you have clay soils or you regularly park vehicles on your lawn, compaction can often become a problem. To check for it, simply take a screwdriver and dig it into the soil. If it’s a serious struggle, your lawn needs to be aerated.

When’s the Right Time to Aerate?

Proper lawn aeration takes more than know-how and the right equipment. It also requires proper timing just prior to your lawn’s peak growing season. Holes will then fill in quickly with new growth. For cool season grass, such as ryegrass or Kentucky bluegrass, aeration should be performed in the fall for best results.

Lawn Aeration Experts in the Hackettstown Area

The answer’s easy: Lawn Doctor of Warren. We have the knowledge of the local Hackettstown area climate and vegetation as well as the proprietary, made-in-America equipment to ensure lawn aeration is performed properly. You can get a healthier, stronger, better-looking lawn – without all the work.

To learn more or schedule a free consultation, contact Lawn Doctor of Warren today at 908.835.8700. Our lawn aeration services are available to homeowners in Hackettstown, Washington, Sparta, Allentown, PA, Randolph, and Quakertown, PA.