Lawn Care Services in Upton: Fertilization 101

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame showing lawn care services in UptonTo keep your Upton-area lawn green and growing throughout the year, it’s important to keep its soil full of plant-nourishing nutrients. For a nutrient-dense lawn that produces consistent growth, regular fertilization is essential. While fertilization may seem like one of the simpler lawn care services, providing optimum applications can be tricky for the average homeowner and is best left to the professionals to avoid putting your lawn’s health at risk. At Lawn Doctor of Grafton-Milford & Franklin-Foxboro, we provide precision-driven fertilization treatments to home and business owners all over the Upton, Millis, Grafton, Franklin, Milford and Mendon, MA areas for maximum growth and longevity.

Our Lawn Care Services: Fertilization Options for the Upton Area

Your lawn is different from other lawns in Upton, which is why it needs individualized lawn care services. Lawns can have several varying characteristics, including mineral content, pH level, growth patterns, weed presence and others. To provide our customers with top-notch results, we provide a list of varied, custom-tailored fertilization options that work around their unique characteristics. Here is a more in-depth look at some of the fertilization treatment options we offer area home and commercial property owners:


To provide our customers with the ideal nutrient density in fewer treatments than services utilizing other types of fertilizers, we offer our standard fertilization service. Our fertilizers are custom-blended, environmentally friendly and bring our customers accelerated results that last through the seasons.

Natural Fertilization

Whether you lead a sustainable lifestyle or you simply have eco-friendly lawn care preferences, we provide fertilization treatments that utilize natural products. The natural fertilizers we use in this lawn care service are completely sourced from plant matter and other natural materials to give your lawn a natural health boost without relying on manmade materials.

Long-Term Treatment Plans

Maintaining your lawn is a year-round battle, and going it alone can take up a significant amount of your time and energy. We provide our neighboring home and business owners in Upton with a stress-free route to year-round lawn health with our comprehensive ongoing treatment plans. Our ongoing treatment programs can include fertilization, as well as any number of our other lawn care services as they become required through the seasons.

Give Lawn Doctor of Grafton-Milford & Franklin-Foxboro a call today at (508) 449-9300 to learn more about our fertilization treatments and to schedule a complimentary lawn evaluation. We provide a full range of lawn care services to our neighbors spanning Upton, Milford, Grafton, Millis, Franklin, Mendon and throughout the neighboring areas.