Lawn Aeration in Upton

Maintaining your lawn throughout the year requires a few routine treatments. One of these routine treatments that is often overlooked is lawn aeration. When the soil in your lawn becomes compacted, it can cut off the healthy circulation of the essential elements your grass needs to grow and develop strong root systems. Lawn aeration relieves this constriction by breaking apart the soil to reinstate circulation and give your lawn renewed access to the nutrients and other elements it needs to achieve consistent growth. At Lawn Doctor of Grafton-Milford & Franklin-Foxboro, we offer Upton-area home and business owners our trusted aeration service to put their lawns back on track to healthy, lasting growth.

When Lawn Aeration Becomes Necessary

Lawn aeration is extremely beneficial throughout the year in the Upton area, but there is a general timeframe where it produces the best results. For warm season grasses, it is best to perform aeration towards the end of spring, with cool season grasses reaping more benefits from early spring aeration. There are also a handful of indicators you can look out for to determine if your lawn needs to be aerated. Your lawn will likely need to be aerated if it can be characterized by any of the following:

  • There are vehicles frequently parked on your grass
  • Your lawn forms puddles during light rainfall
  • Your lawn has been damaged by children, pets, machinery or outdoor sports
  • Your lawn is composed of clay soil and has not been recently aerated
  • Brown spots have formed on your lawn
  • Stunted/stopped grass growth

How Our Lawn Aeration Treatments Help Upton Lawns

Regular aeration comes along with a long list of benefits for lawns in the Upton area. One of the main benefits of keeping your lawn aerated is maintaining the healthy circulation of the nutrients your plants need to grow. Compacted soil blocks minerals from circulating freely throughout the soil and regular aeration keeps the soil loose to avoid this and other ill effects. Another risk of compacted soil is the restriction of root movement. When your plants’ roots can’t physically expand, it can stunt growth and leave your lawn with weakened grass. For strong, resilient lawn root systems, aerated soil is key.

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