Tick Control Plans in The Woodlands


When your lawn in The Woodlands is taken over by ticks, it presents a serious health risk for you, your friends, your family and your pets. Ticks can be tough residents to remove, and it can be nearly impossible without professional assistance. At Lawn Doctor of The Woodlands-Magnolia-Tomball, we provide comprehensive tick control treatments to keep area lawns clear of these dangerous pests and allow our neighboring homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces. We combine a tried-and-true approach with industry expertise to provide lasting results and maximum protection from ticks. Our neighbors all over The Woodlands, Spring, Magnolia and Tomball, TX areas rely on our tick control plans for enjoyable, safe and tick-free lawns.

Tick Control 101

Yard Armour Tick Control PlansControlling your lawn’s resident tick population is important to ensure your family’s safety. Ticks can carry a wide variety of diseases, including Lyme disease. Ticks generally infiltrate your lawn on the backs and sides of deer, rodents and other animals. Once they’ve taken up residence, they’ll hide in your yard’s shady and wooded areas and wait for potential prey. Our tick control services not only eliminate ticks, they also remove their preferred shelter to keep populations under control in the long run.

How Our Tick Control Treatments Help The Woodlands Residents

To eliminate your lawn’s resident tick population and keep future populations from moving in, we implement a proven three-step system. This system not only focuses on directly reducing tick populations via the application of pest control products, it also utilizes our technicians’ industry expertise by providing tips on how you can groom your yard in a way that reduces hiding spots for potential incoming ticks. Here are the steps of our tick control service plans:


One of the best steps you can take to keep ticks out of your lawn in The Woodlands is to put preventative measures in place. During this phase of treatment, our technicians will help you create a long-term tick prevention strategy to keep your yard tick-free through the seasons.


To address any resident tick populations that have already moved in, we’ll administer the application of our extremely effective products. These products will help drastically reduce your tick population in their preferred breeding and hiding spots.

Ongoing Maintenance

Keeping ticks at bay is an ongoing battle. With our ongoing treatment plans, our technicians will return on a scheduled basis to reapply treatment and keep area ticks from moving into your yard.

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