Mosquito Control in Georgetown: Win the Fight in Your Backyard 

dead mosquito from Mosquito Control in Georgetown

Don’t let mosquitoes sabotage the time you spend outdoors. Instead, get the upper hand with Lawn Doctor of Sussex County. Our mosquito control services are available to homeowners across the Georgetown, DE area and are time-tested to deliver excellent results. We’ll take care of the mosquito infestation you have on your property, minimizing the risks they pose to your family and maximizing your quality of life in the process. In fact, we even guarantee it.

Our Mosquito Control in Georgetown So They Don’t Bite Into Your Summer Fun

Mosquitoes can be tough to regain control over once they become a problem in your yard. Not only that, but they can transmit disease with a single bite. That’s where the experts at Lawn Doctor of Sussex County can help. We offer several different mosquito control services to households across the Georgetown area, each of which are backed by science to provide strong defenses, so you can step outside with confidence. They include:

  • Yard Armour® Control. Our program for mosquito control in Georgetown works so well because it’s multi-faceted. With it, we’ll suppress activity of all kinds, from adults to developing eggs and larvae. We’ll then return at carefully timed points of the season to deliver maintenance sprays for ongoing suppression.
  • Organic Control. If you’d like to get control over mosquitoes in your yard, but want a natural approach, Lawn Doctor of Sussex County can help there too. With our 100% natural applications, we can keep mosquitoes out of your yard in a way you feel good about using powerful essential oils.
  • Big Event Applications. For those important events in your life, we offer one-time applications to keep mosquitoes off the guest list. Instead, you can focus on having fun and enjoying your big day and won’t have to think twice about mosquitoes invading it.

Lawn Doctor of Sussex County Serves Georgetown with Mosquito Control Focused on You

Lawn Doctor of Sussex County is dedicated to giving you a yard you love again, one that is safer and more comfortable. We do this through our treatments that are proven to work, as well as customer education. When we visit your property, we’ll explain ways you can make it less inviting to mosquitoes, further heightening defenses. Together, we’ll bite back and win the mosquito control fight with services available in:

  • Georgetown
  • Nassau
  • Selbyville
  • Dewey Beach
  • And throughout other nearby areas

For mosquito control in Georgetown, DE, contact Lawn Doctor of Sussex County today and set up your free consultation and estimate!