Lawn Weed Control Service in Georgetown

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass showing lawn weed control in GeorgetownEven the best kept lawns come under attack from weeds. When this happens, Lawn Doctor of Sussex County can help. We offer a wide variety of lawn weed control services to customers in and around the Georgetown, DE area. We can gain control over aggressive weeds in your lawn, so your grass doesn’t have to compete for nutrients, water, and other critical resources. Your turf will grow in thicker and stronger, while we keep weeds away from season to season.

Lawn Weed Control: Types We Treat in the Georgetown Area

Across Delaware and in the Georgetown area, there are hundreds of different weeds that come into play in local lawns. At Lawn Doctor of Sussex County, we understand how all of these grow and the best ways to suppress them. In fact, with lawn weed control from our experienced team, you can gain a foothold against a range of different species, including those that fall into the categories of:

  • Broadleaf: These weeds can be identified by their wide leaves and network of veins that run through them. They include dandelion, oxalis, and henbit.
  • Grassy: These weeds are harder to spot since they grow just like grass and even look similar. They include crabgrass, witch grass, and quackgrass.
  • Annual: These are typically brought into your lawn via seed from birds or the wind. They only last a year but can regrow multiple times within it.
  • Perennial: These weeds are more stubborn since they come back from one year to the next, establishing stronger root systems as they do.

Lawn Doctor of Sussex County: About Our Lawn Weed Control Services in Georgetown

Getting control over lawn weeds can be tough for local homeowners across the Georgetown area. Not only are there countless kinds, but they can grow during warm or cool seasons. As a result, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to treating them. But with our team at Lawn Doctor of Sussex, we can offer you access to a range of services not only customized to your lawn but proven effective against broadleaf, grassy, annual, and perennial varieties. We also offer pre-emergent treatments that stop weeds from developing and emerging across your lawn. That way, you’ll see a thick, lush lawn with minimal weed interference.

Stop the spread of weeds in your lawn by calling Lawn Doctor of Sussex County at (302) 349-5454. We offer free lawn weed control evaluations to customers in and around Georgetown, Milton, and other Sussex County areas.