About Us

Lawn Doctor of Strongsville-Stow is owned and operated by Jim and Aimee Coia, and Brian Foster.   


All three are lifelong area residents and are passionate, active members of the community including supporting some of the following organizations: Akron Children’s Hospital, Lenibug Foundation, and The City Mission.


After receiving a degree in Business Administration, Jim Coia went on to hold positions in finance, sales, and marketing.  Aimee Coia’s background is in education as she’s worked as an early childhood educator and as a school administrator.  Brian Foster has a degree in Finance and Economics and has held various positions in both fields.  


Jim and Brian met as co-workers and developed a friendship that extended to their families.  One of their common interests included the dream of owning a business.  Lawn Doctor was the best fit after realizing lawn care was an integral part of their lives growing up. In fact, Jim’s father had owned a local lawn care business and Brian worked in landscaping during his school years.  


Aimee and Jim were customers of several other lawn care companies. After working with seven different lawn care companies over six years, they felt they could build a lawn care business with authentic customer care.  


Jim and Brian work with customers in the field through sales and operations. Aimee runs the office, and they all focus on customer care and being accountable for the services they provide. 


Lawn Doctor of Strongsville-Stow provides lawn services and Yard Armour, for mosquito and tick control to Stow, Hudson, Strongsville, Medina, Akron, and Uniontown, and the surrounding communities.


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