Lawn Aeration in Stow

lawn doctor performing lawn aeration in StowYour lawn depends on consistent access to water, nutrients, oxygen, and other elements to support consistent growth through the year. When your soil becomes compacted, this access can be cut off. At Lawn Doctor of Strongsville-Stow, we utilize cutting-edge treatments to loosen up compacted soil and restore the essential circulation of everything your grass and other plants need to stay healthy. With our proven lawn aeration treatments, we improve both the short and long-term health of lawns located throughout the Stow, Strongsville, Medina, Akron, Uniontown, and Hudson, OH areas.

How Lawn Aeration Benefits Stow Lawns

Regular, strategic lawn aeration benefits your lawn in a long list of different ways. Here are some of the key benefits that come along with aerating your lawn:

  • Stronger root systems.
  • Increased airflow under the soil’s surface.
  • Improved effectiveness of fertilization treatments.
  • Easier access to heat, water and other elements.

When to Aerate Your Yard

Lawn aeration is extremely helpful in keeping your lawn healthy throughout the year. However, as with many other lawn maintenance treatments, timing is crucial. Determining when to aerate your yard isn’t always the easiest task to keep up with through the seasons, especially if you’re already on a busy schedule. Here are a couple of the key indicators our technicians use to determine if your yard needs to be aerated:

Excessive Levels of Thatch. Thatch is the layer of plant matter, leaf litter, and other organic material that lies between your soil and your grass. Some thatch is completely normal, but too much can be an indicated that the soil underneath has become compacted. With our aeration treatments, we’ll break up this soil and circulate your soil and thatch layers for the improved flow of nutrients, water, and oxygen throughout your yard.

Clay Soil. If the soil in your yard has a high clay content, it will need to be aerated more frequently than lawns with other types of soil. Clay soil has a high density, and it can become compacted more readily than lawns with a lower clay concentration. Our aeration treatments will ensure that your clay soil maintains its ability to circulate everything your plants need to grow.

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