Spring Lawn Care in Spokane: Get Started Now with These Winter Tips

Spring Lawn Care in Spokane.

The winter months can take a heavy toll on Spokane lawns. From snowfall and low temperatures to the reduced access of all of the elements your lawn needs to stay healthy, the threats of winter can put your lawn in jeopardy if it isn’t adequately prepared. To keep your lawn healthy through the winter and help it look its best in the spring, there are key steps that need to be taken in the winter. For spring lawn care you can count on, turn to the team trusted by homeowners all over the Spokane, Liberty Lake, Millwood, Otis Orchards, and Greenacres, WA areas.

How to Get a Head Start on Spring Lawn Care

Several steps need to be taken towards the end of the year to set your lawn up for springtime growth. Here are just a few of the many ways to get a head start on spring lawn care:

Fertilization & Aeration. Lawns can be needy, especially when it comes to staying healthy through seasonal transitions. Oxygen and nutrients are high on the list of your lawn’s needs, and these elements can be much harder to come by in the winter. Effective fertilization and aeration treatments will replenish these elements in your lawn, giving its root systems what they need to keep your grass healthy and strong until spring returns.

General Lawn Upkeep. Out of all of the different ways you can keep your lawn healthy through seasonal transitions, one of the simplest is keeping your lawn tidy. Clutter like leaf litter, underbrush, and stray branches can take a heavy toll on your lawn’s long-term health by creating dead spots, attracting pests, and helping the formation of lawn diseases. By keeping your lawn free of this clutter, you can give it a better chance of staying healthy through the seasons.

Our Convenient Spring Lawn Care for Spokane Homeowners

Helping your lawn survive the winter and thrive in the spring doesn’t have to take over your schedule. When you choose to work with us, you’re choosing hassle-free service. You don’t have to be stuck at home for our technicians to apply lawn treatments, giving you more control over your schedule.

To learn more about our spring lawn care in Spokane, contact us today! We provide premium spring lawn care services to homeowners throughout Spokane, Liberty Lake, Millwood, Otis Orchards, Greenacres, and the surrounding communities.