Mosquito Control Services for Spokane Valley

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in Spokane ValleyA Spokane Valley-lawn buzzing with mosquitoes can be difficult to enjoy. Mosquitoes, in addition to providing itchy, irritating bites, can carry a full range of harmful, and even deadly diseases like West Nile and Yellow Fever. Take back control of your lawn from these annoying insects by partnering with your local mosquito control experts at Lawn Doctor of Spokane. We offer a wide variety of both short and long-term mosquito control services to help homeowners in the Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Spokane, Otis, Millwood, Greenacres, and Orchards WA areas achieve safer, more enjoyable lawns.

Our Mosquito Control Process for Spokane Valley Homeowners

At Lawn Doctor of Spokane, we take an approach to mosquito control that’s broken down into distinct stages for a well-rounded treatment system that effectively deals with both present and future infestations. Here is a brief look into how we go about managing our Spokane Valley-area customers’ mosquito populations:

1. Prevention

The best time to effectively deal with a mosquito problem is before it has manifested in the first place. To keep your neighborhood mosquitoes from taking up residence in your lawn, we’ll provide you with industry insight and useful strategies on effective prevention based on your lawn’s specific location and composition.

2. Control

If a mosquito population already calls your lawn home, we’ll address it with our effective applications of some of the most advanced products in the industry. With our advanced mosquito control treatments, we’ll dramatically decrease your resident population of mosquitoes so you can enjoy your lawn again.

3. Maintenance

After we address your mosquito infestation and raise your lawn’s defenses, we’ll shift our focus to keeping those defenses high to discourage future populations of mosquitoes from invading. Our experts will return to apply follow-up treatments on a scheduled basis to keep your lawn clear through the seasons.

Effective Services with a Guarantee

As part of our commitment to providing our Spokane Valley-area customers with top-notch service, we guarantee all of our lawn treatments with a comprehensive service guarantee. With our guarantee, we take the stress out of mosquito control so you can leave your lawn in our hands and tackle the rest of your hectic daily schedule.

Give Lawn Doctor of Spokane a call today at (509) 474-1017 for more information on our mosquito control treatment list and ask about a complimentary estimate. Our services are available to homeowners in Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Spokane, Millwood, Orchards, Greenacres, Otis, and the surrounding communities.