Spring Lawn Care in Norman: Get Started Now with These Winter Tips

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass from our Spring Lawn Care in Norman

With winter temperatures already upon us, you may assume your lawn will be just fine until you undertake your spring lawn care plans. However, at Lawn Doctor of South Oklahoma City-Norman, we believe it’s important to care for your turf during every season, including winter. Our winter and spring lawn care services, as well as our year-round programs, keep your turf healthy so that it can truly thrive in warmer weather.

Our full range of lawn care services is available throughout the Norman area, including Choctaw, Harrah, Midwest City, Moore, South Oklahoma City, and nearby communities. You can rely on our experts to address the specific needs of your lawn through a customized treatment plan. Read on to learn more about our suggestions for caring for your yard this winter.

Successful Norman Spring Lawn Care Starts in Winter

Without proper care this winter, your yard could become cut off from the elements it needs to survive. There are a few crucial steps you should take to ensure that your turf remains healthy and primed for optimal growth come springtime. These include the following:

Aeration. Our professional lawn aeration services break up soil compaction so that plant roots are able to maintain access to heat, oxygen, water, and vital nutrients.

Fertilization. Winter fertilization boosts plant health and disease resistance and also promotes nutrient storage that makes vibrant spring growth possible.

Weed treatments. Weeds that are a small nuisance now could become a much larger problem if left to their own devices. Our spot treatment services effectively target these pesky plants without harming the surrounding grass.

Debris clearing. Piles of leaves and fallen branches that remain on your yard all winter long will smother healthy grass and may contribute to lawn disease.

Damage prevention. Instruct the members of your household to avoid walking on your yard during the winter, when it is particularly vulnerable to damage. In addition, be sure to remove furniture, toys, and decorative items that could block sunlight or add additional stress to your turf.

Lawn motor winterization. Sharpen mower blades, tighten loose parts, and change the oil in your lawn mower before storing it for the winter season.

For spring lawn care in Norman, contact us today! We also offer professional lawn care in the surrounding areas, such as Choctaw, Harrah, Midwest City, Moore, and South Oklahoma City.