Lawn Aeration in Norman

lawn technician power seeding showing lawn aeration in NormanThe composition of your soil plays an important role in determining how your yard absorbs and circulates the elements your plants need to survive. Compacted soil is one of the most common problems in local lawns, causing damage by blocking the free flow of nutrients, oxygen, and water to your plants. At Lawn Doctor of South Oklahoma City-Norman, we administer proven lawn aeration treatments to reverse the negative effects of compacted soil and improve both the short and long-term health of lawns spanning the Norman, South OKC, Moore, Midwest City, Choctaw, and Harrah, OK areas.

The Benefits of Strategic Lawn Aeration

Regularly aerating your lawn comes with a long list of benefits. Here are some of the many ways that regular, strategic lawn aeration treatments can help your lawn stay green and growing throughout the year:

  • Stronger roots.
  • The increased absorption of water and heat into the soil.
  • Improved airflow under the surface of the soil.
  • The enhanced effectiveness of fertilization treatments.

When to Administer Lawn Aeration in Norman Lawns

Aerating your lawn is an important part of keeping it healthy throughout the year, but when is the best time to aerate? There are several warning signs that can indicate whether or not your lawn needs to be aerated. Here are a couple of the warning signs we look at for when determining if our customers’ lawns need aeration treatments:

Excessive Levels of Thatch. Thatch, the layer of leaf litter and other organic matter that exists between your grass and your soil, is completely normal to have in your yard. However, when the layer of thatch in your yard gets too thick, it can be an indication that the soil underneath has become compacted. We use our aeration treatments to loosen up the soil and return your thatch layer to the ideal thickness for ongoing health.

High Clay Content. If the soil in your lawn has a high clay content, regular aeration is crucial to the health of your grass and other plants. Clay soil becomes compacted more readily than other soil types, which presents a constant threat to your lawn’s overall health. We’ll design and implement an aeration program to keep your soil healthy and circulating the elements your plants need to thrive.

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