Lawn Weed Control Treatment Plans in Southington Stop Lawn Invaders

Close up of blades of grass showing lawn weed control in SouthingtonEffectively fighting the weeds that pop up in your lawn every year can be a pain. Different lawns require different treatment strategies, and keeping up with all the different species while already on a tight schedule can be difficult to manage. At Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington, we protect area homeowners from the difficulty of DIY while keeping their lawns healthy and weed-free. Our services utilize proven products and effective treatment strategies to address active weed populations and prevent new populations from popping up. Local homeowners throughout the Southington, Bristol, Plantsville, and Plainville, CT areas choose our lawn weed control programs for comprehensive coverage and consistent results.

How We Control Weeds in Southington Area Lawns

DIY treatments that utilize store-bought products can provide incomplete results, and they can also harm your grass and other lawn plants if not applied precisely. Our technicians have the local and industry expertise needed to drive weeds out of local lawns while leaving grass, shrubs, and other welcome lawn plants unharmed. There are two main types of weeds that pop up in the Southington area, here is a quick look at how our technicians at Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington address them:

Grassy Weeds

There are several varieties of grassy weeds that form underground stem systems, allowing them to regenerate if the upper part of the plant is damaged. We control weeds like crabgrass and goosegrass by targeting these stem systems. This approach effectively removes grassy weeds from your yard and keeps them from growing back throughout their active seasons.

Broadleaf Weeds

Broadleaf weeds like plantain and dandelion can infiltrate your yard quickly with their ability to spread seeds over vast areas in little time. Addressing these weeds without harming your grass can be tricky with store-bought products. With our advanced products and our technicians’ experience, we effectively tackle broadleaf weeds and leave the rest of your lawn green and healthy.

Our Ongoing Lawn Weed Control Plans in Southington

Weeds are a long-term problem that require a long-term solution. With our ongoing lawn weed control programs from Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington, we keep area lawns safe from these invasive plants without the stresses of DIY or arranging treatment every few months.

Call the experts at Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington today at (203) 439-7008 to learn more about our convenient treatment plans. We offer our proven lawn weed control solutions to homeowners all over Southington, Bristol, Plantsville, Plainville, and the surrounding communities.