Lawn Aeration in Southington

When the top layers of your soil are packed too tightly, it can have a dramatic, negative effect on your lawn’s root systems and overall health. As part of our comprehensive lawn care service list, we offer lawn aeration to help loosen up your topsoil and bring beneficial circulation and permeability back to your lawn for both short and long-term boosts in health. As a locally owned and operated lawn care company, we bring local expertise to area home and business owners. We offer our proven lawn aeration service to our neighbors all over the Southington, Bristol, Plantsville and Plainville, CT areas.

What is Lawn Aeration and How Does it Help Southington Residents?

Lawn aeration refers to a service that punctures the top layers of soil in an effort to loosen the earth and promote circulation. At Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington, we use an aerator to administer an advanced and more effective version of this service, which removes soil cores from your lawn to allow for accelerated results due to the more immediate shifting of soil. When we remove these cores and the soil naturally falls in on itself and diffuses, it creates space and permeability. The newfound space allows your lawn’s roots to grow and expand, while the permeability allows the oxygen, water, heat and nutrients your lawn relies on to more readily circulate throughout the soil.

When You Need Lawn Aeration

While scheduling one of our free consultations is the most effective way to tell if your lawn needs to be aerated, there are a few simple signs you can look out for. Here are some characteristics commonly found in lawns that have compacted soil and would benefit from the aeration service we offer at Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington:

  • Puddles forming on grass during light rainfall
  • Vehicles frequently parked on grass
  • Overuse or damage due to outdoor sports, children or entertaining
  • Machine use on lawn
  • Clay soil that has not been aerated recently
  • Slowed or stopped grass growth
  • Excessive amounts of thatch in your lawn

Call Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington today at (203) 439-7008 to learn more about our aeration service and to schedule your free lawn evaluation. With our lawn aeration service, as well as the rest of the services we offer, we serve area home and business owners spanning Southington, Bristol, Plantsville, Plainville and the surrounding communities.