How Our Lawn Care Services in Southington Fix Common Lawn Problems 

extremely green grass after lawn care services in SouthingtonBetween work, carting around the kids, and the rest of your day-to-day obligations, fighting off the constant threats facing your lawn may not always reach the top of your priority list. At Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington, we keep area lawns safe from seasonal and annual threats for great-looking lawns without the hassles and inconvenience of DIY lawn care. Our services can be tailored to remedy a long list of common and uncommon lawn disorders for total coverage and a lawn you can be proud of. With our comprehensive list of lawn care services, we bring convenient and dependable results to homeowners spanning the Southington, Bristol, Plantsville, and Plainville, CT areas.

Advanced Lawn Care Services for Healthy Southington Area Lawns

Your lawn can face attacks from several sources throughout the year. From internal threats like nutrient imbalances and moisture variation to external threats like foot traffic and pet damage, your yard needs a helping hand to ensure its defenses are maintained from season-to-season. Here are a few of the common issues lawns face, as well as a closer look at how our lawn care services from Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington fixes them:

Tick Invasions

Ticks can hitch a ride into your yard on a long list of different creatures, and your home is especially at risk if you leave near a wooded area. Ticks can carry a whole host of different diseases, effectively turning your lawn into a health hazard. We fight ticks with our proven three-step system, which fights ticks, prevents them from returning, and helps homeowners identify and address potential breeding ground risk factors.

Growth Issues

Sometimes the growth in your lawn isn’t always steady and even. When the grass seeds in your lawn aren’t achieving full germination, it can lead to unsightly side effects like thinning, spots, and patches. To bring your lawn back to an even and full appearance, we implement our power seeding treatments, which administer precise seed applications for complete germination and full, green lawns.

Lawn Diseases

Lawn diseases like dollar spot and copper spot can pop up in your yard for a variety of different reasons, and curing your lawn without help can be tricky. At Lawn Doctor of Bristol-Southington, we offer a full range of lawn care services to reverse the damage caused by lawn diseases and prevent them from manifesting in your yard in the future.

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