Why Professional Lawn Care in Savannah Makes All the Difference for Your Yard

Father and daughter playing ball on a green lawn with trees in background showing professional lawn care in SavannahDuring summer, your lawn is going up against many different threats. From heat and drought to heavy foot traffic, it’s a lot to manage. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Savannah-Beaufort County comes in. With our professional lawn care services, available across the Savannah, Pooler, and Richmond Hill, GA areas, you can ensure your yard has what it needs to fight back and win. Here are a few ways we do it.

How Our Professional Lawn Care Helps Savannah Homeowners

Lawn Doctor of Savannah-Beaufort County starts each professional relationship with a full lawn care assessment. This helps us get to know the ins and outs of your yard, like its grasses and soil type. We’ll also take into account other factors, like local weather patterns, to deliver treatments that are as targeted as possible. These can include:

  • pH balancing for checking the level in your soil, amending it with lime, and restoring optimal growing conditions.
  • Core aeration for relieving compacted soil so grass roots can absorb an increased amount of water, nutrients, and oxygen.
  • Fertilization to deliver all the nourishing essentials your lawn needs in a series of carefully timed applications.
  • Organic top-dressing to promote healthier, denser turf through a prepared soil mix applied to your lawn’s surface.
  • Weed control for pre- and post-emergent treatments that stop ugly intruders from invading and spreading.

Lawn Doctor of Savannah-Beaufort County also offers professional ongoing care through annual plans, like our Lawn Maintainer program. It consists of weed control, insecticides and fertilizer treatments delivered from seven to eight times during the year. You don’t have to think twice about feeding and preventing weeds and instead, can simply rest assured your turf has what it needs for improved growth and color.

Professional Lawn Care, Backed by a 100% Guarantee

At Lawn Doctor of Savannah-Beaufort County, we’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality professional care to customers across the area. We even stand confidently behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee that’s one of the strongest around. If we don’t meet your expectations, just call us. We promise to return to make it right.

Ready to learn more or get started? Call Lawn Doctor of Savannah-Beaufort County today at (912) 966-1123 for a free consultation. Our professional lawn care is offered in many local communities in the Savannah, GA area, including Richmond Hill and Pooler in Georgia, as well as Bluffton and Hilton Head Island in SC.