Lawn Aeration in Savannah

Your lawn might seem indestructible. But in reality, everything from entertaining party guests to mowing your grass can cause soil to become compacted. When this happens, it compresses roots, preventing them from breathing and absorbing a healthy amount of nutrients, water, and other vital essentials. At the same time, as surface thatch spreads over the soil, it further limits water and nutrient absorption. That’s where our lawn aeration services – offered in and around the Savannah, GA area – come in.

Lawn Aeration: The Benefits for Yards in Savannah

At Lawn Doctor of Savannah-Beaufort County, we recommend aeration for every local lawn. Some require it annually; for instance, if your soil type is clay, you drive heavy equipment or vehicles on your lawn, or your yard experiences a lot of wear and tear on a regular basis. Regardless, if you’re beginning to see puddles in low-lying areas and runoff in higher spots, along with thinning grass and discoloration, then your soil could be compacted.

The good news is that aeration can ease it, all while delivering some important benefits in your lawn, including:

  • Opening up breathing room so roots can take in more oxygen and have space to grow deeper
  • Breaking up heavy surface thatch that’s interfering with growth
  • Helping roots absorb more nutrients and water, making fertilizer applications more efficient
  • Boosting overall strength so lawns can better tolerate seasonal stress, like drought

Lawn Aeration Services: What to Expect with Our Approach

When it comes to lawn aeration, we rely on the method that delivers the longest lasting results: core aeration. Through it, we use our industry-leading Turf Tamer® equipment – not available from any other local lawn care company – to cut holes into your soil and pull plugs out that are several inches deep and less than an inch in diameter. This process not only loosens compaction, but creates pockets where more air, water, and nutrients can get absorbed and flow into the root zone.

Beyond our proven approach, we time aeration services carefully. We’ll create a schedule for you based on your grass type and the specific needs of your lawn. Cool-season lawns are best aerated in early spring or fall and warm-season ones should be aerated later in the spring or in early summer. While results aren’t immediate, you can expect your lawn to recover quickly and for you to start seeing healthier, lusher growth just a few weeks after aeration.

Leave lawn aeration to the experts counted on across many local communities, including Savannah, Pooler, and Richmond Hill as well as Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, SC. Call Lawn Doctor of Savannah-Beaufort County today at (912) 966-1123 for a free consultation to learn more.