Lawn Care Services in Savannah: Fertilization 101

Is your lawn discolored, slow growing, or having a problem with weeds or pests? As local lawn care service experts in the Savannah area, we know it likely needs to be fertilized. Without proper nutrition, turf becomes more vulnerable to a host of issues that not only impact appearance, but overall health, too. Once your yard is thoroughly fertilized on a regular schedule, though, it will benefit in a variety of key ways.

Fertilization Lawn Care Services: The Benefits for Yards in Savannah

Your grass takes in some of the nutrients it needs from the surrounding soil. However, most soils don’t have enough critical essentials to support lawns through the entire growing season. A helping hand is therefore needed in the form of fertilization. With it, your lawn will remain healthy and beautiful, thanks to:

  • A better developed root system
  • More rigorous leaf growth
  • Faster recovery from wear and tear
  • Stronger natural defenses against insects and diseases
  • Fewer issues with spreading weeds

However, to take advantage of these benefits, there are a few considerations to factor in. For instance, is your lawn cool- or warm-season? What’s the size of it? Is the soil pH level balanced or is there an issue with compaction? It’s important to answer these questions before you fertilize to ensure your efforts are as effective as possible. If, however, you’d rather get professional help with the process so it’s done right, give Lawn Doctor of Savannah-Beaufort County a call.

Lawn Care Services Available to Local Homeowners

We offer local homeowners a variety of lawn care fertilization services to keep grass growing healthy and strong. Our stand-alone fertilization means your lawn will receive slow-release, nutrient-rich materials on a regular basis throughout the growing season. We also offer an annual plan, called Lawn Maintainer, that combines fertilization with weed control for a no-hassle approach to a beautiful lawn. In addition, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to nourish your lawn, we offer topdressing services that use organic compost materials.

Whether you’re interested in organic solutions or standard ones, we provide our local customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee in all that we do. If you spot a problem, let us know as soon as possible and we promise to make it right.

Call (912) 966-1123 today to learn more with a free consultation. Our lawn care services are available throughout Savannah, including in many surrounding communities, such as Pooler and Richmond Hill, GA as well as Bluffton and Hilton Head Island, SC.