Lawn Fertilization from Lawn Doctor of Royal Oak

Funny male with lawn fertilization goggles and green shirt with Lawn Doctor logo and dandelion in his mouthLawn Doctor offers lawn fertilization services for homeowners throughout the Royal Oak and South Oakland County area. Our lawn fertilization program helps homeowners in Farmington Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Royal Oak and Franklin achieve the thick, thriving, green lawn they desire. Lawn fertilization is the ingredient many homeowners miss when maintaining their own lawn. While watering and mowing are essential, without proper lawn fertilization, it’s hard to achieve a healthy, thriving yard.

Local Lawn Fertilization Experts

At Lawn Doctor of Royal Oak, we are proud to be a locally owned and operated company. Our team lives and works in the Royal Oak area. We have deep knowledge and experience when it comes to climate and growing conditions in Royal Oak and the surrounding areas such as Birmingham, Farmington Hills, Southfield, Beverly Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Oak Park, and Franklin. Our local knowledge ensures we know exactly what your lawn needs to thrive. When recommending lawn fertilization services, we combine our knowledge of the local climate, the type of grass making up your lawn, and even precipitation records, to determine the best lawn fertilization application and schedule for your yard.

At Lawn Doctor of Royal Oak, we use a slow release lawn fertilization product to give your yard a small, steady supply of nitrogen, the nutrient responsible for all of that healthy growth and green grass. Too much lawn fertilization can be just as destructive to your lawn as not enough fertilization. That’s why our local experts will create the perfect application schedule and treatments to fertilize your lawn.

We also know that the lawn fertilization treatment for one lawn may not be optimal for its neighbor. Your lawn fertilization schedule and treatments depend on a number of factors, and our local experts are able to pinpoint exactly what your lawn needs.

Natural Lawn Fertilization Options

Lawn Doctor of Royal Oak also offers natural lawn fertilization services. We know that having natural treatment options is important to many of our customers in Royal Oak and the surrounding areas. Our natural lawn fertilization option stimulates the soil, strengthening your lawn’s defense system, and lowering drought stress with a natural fertilizer free from synthetic, man-made materials.

Lawn fertilization from Lawn Doctor of Royal Oak helps make yards throughout the area healthier and greener. Lawn Doctor of Royal Oak provides lawn fertilization with our Turf Tamer® lawn equipment to ensure coverage and encourage consistent, healthy growth in your fertilized lawn. Call our Royal Oak office today at 248-439-0072 for more information on lawn fertilization and all our lawn care services.