Lawn Weed Control Professionals in Royal Oak

Nothing takes away from the look of your lawn more than a dandelion infestation, or spreading crabgrass, clover or chickweed. Not only are these weeds stubborn, but they grow so quickly it can be hard to get a handle on them. Leave the work to the Royal Oak, MI lawn weed control professionals at Lawn Doctor of Royal Oak/Birmingham & Lawn Doctor of Southfield & Farmington. Our team knows the local weeds that give area homeowners problems, as well as how to quickly treat and suppress them. Enjoy a healthier lawn – with noticeably fewer weeds – with help from Lawn Doctor of Royal Oak/Birmingham & Lawn Doctor of Southfield & Farmington.

Common Weeds Homeowners See in Local Lawns

Not all weeds are created equal. Some are grassy, while others are perennial. Some grow best during cool temperatures, while others favor warmer seasons. And though some weeds can seriously damage your lawn – competing with it for space, nutrients and sunlight – other kinds are relatively harmless.

With so many factors to consider, it can be hard for the average homeowner to figure out where to begin. But at Lawn Doctor of Royal Oak/Birmingham & Lawn Doctor of Southfield & Farmington, we know suClose up of blades of lawn weed control grassccessful lawn weed control starts with identification. When it comes to local weeds, there are:

  • Broadleaf. With wide, flat leaves, this weed type is easily noticeable in local lawns. Examples include dandelion, clover and wild violet.
  • Grassy. This weed type, on the other hand, resembles grass so much it can be hard to spot. Not only that, but it also grows under the same conditions. Common kinds include crabgrass and goosegrass.
  • Annual. Annual weeds like to grow back several times during one year. They often arrive in your lawn via seeds carried in by birds or the wind.
  • Perennials. Perennial weeds are tougher to treat because they grow back season after season. This means they develop stronger, deeper roots in your lawn.
  • Cool-season. These weeds grow best during seasons that are cooler, from fall through spring.
  • Warm-season. Just as their name suggests, warm-season weeds favor spring and summer.

Get Help from Royal Oak’s Lawn Weed Control Experts

You don’t have to deal with weeds invading your lawn if you have the right help. At Lawn Doctor of Royal Oak/Birmingham & Lawn Doctor of Southfield & Farmington, our lawn weed control services suppress weeds at various stages during their lifecycle, ensuring optimal results. Our pre-emergent treatment targets weeds before they sprout, while our post-emergent control is ideal for existing weeds. In addition, with our ongoing preventative care, we can help ensure weeds stay under control and away from your lawn, year-round.

To learn more or schedule your free consultation, call us today at 248.439.0072. We provide lawn weed control to customers across Royal Oak, Birmingham, Southfield, Clawson Farmington Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Franklin, Pleasant Ridge, Beverly Hills, Huntington Woods and Bingham Farms, MI.