Lawn Aeration in Rockwall

The successful maintenance of a healthy yard in Rockwall requires a few key upkeep tasks. One of the most crucial tasks in keeping your lawn healthy and consistently growing is lawn aeration. The soil under your lawn’s surface can become compacted from a wide range of both internal and external stressors, from foot traffic to machine damage. Compacted soil can do serious damage to your lawn’s short and long-term health, impacting grass growth and root development. Aeration relieves compacted soil, reversing any negative effects and preventing ongoing damage. At Lawn Doctor of Rockwall-Heath-Sunnyvale-Forney, we provide home and commercial property owners in the Rockwall, Sunnyvale, Heath, Royse City, Forney, Rowlett, Fate, Garland, Lavon and McLendon-Chisholm, TX areas with a comprehensive lawn aeration service to stave off the negative side effects of compacted soil.

When Lawn Aeration is Needed

Lawn aeration yields the best results when it is performed annually in Rockwall. The exact aeration schedule will differ from yard-to-yard. Cool season grasses should be aerated at the beginning of spring, while warm season grasses benefit the most from aeration at the end of spring. In addition to annual aeration, your lawn may require additional aeration depending on the lawn’s composition and the level of activity the lawn sees year-round. Here are some of the indicators that your lawn needs supplemental aeration:

  • Brown spots
  • Stunted growth
  • The appearance of excessive thatch
  • The formation of puddles during light rainfall
  • Vehicles or machinery are frequently parked on the grass

Lawn Aeration Benefits for Rockwall Residents

Lawn aeration provides a long list of benefits to your lawn. One of the main benefits of aeration is the opening up of channels in the surface of your lawn. Compacted soil can cut off your roots’ access to the external elements normally coming in from the soil’s surface, like oxygen, heat and water. Aeration restores this access by increasing your lawn’s permeability. One of the other key benefits of aerating is creating space for root development. Compacted soil removes the space your roots need to expand, and the loosened soil gained from aeration frees up this space so your lawn can grow deep, dense root systems.

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