Lawn Weed Control Service in Rockwall

With our professional lawn weed control services, you won’t have to give pesky weeds a second thought. At Lawn Doctor of Rockwall-Heath-Sunnyvale-Forney, our local lawn care experts have extensive experience in the Rockwall area, giving us the in-depth knowledge that we need to create customized, effective lawn weed control plans for our customers. Whether you live in Rockwall, Sunnyvale, Heath, Forney, Royse City, Rowlett, Fate, Lavon, McLendon-Chisholm, Garland, or the surrounding areas, you can count on us to help you get rid of weeds for good.

Why You Need Lawn Weed Control in Rockwall

Close up of blades of grass
Weeds may not seem like a big deal at first. After all, some of them, known as grassy weeds, may even blend in with your landscape. However, weeds spread quickly and steal vital nutrients and soil space from your turf, affecting the health of your grass. In order to maintain a green, lush lawn, you’ll need to keep weeds at bay with a professional lawn weed control service like Lawn Doctor of Rockwall-Heath-Sunnyvale-Forney.

Like other plants, weeds have two types of growing patterns: annual and perennial. The seeds of annual weeds are usually brought to your yard from an outside source, hitching a ride on a gust of wind or coming in with a small animal. These plants can grow over the period of one year. Perennial weeds, on the other hand, take root in your yard and can reappear year after year. Since these weeds must be removed root and all, they can be more difficult to get rid of.

Homes in the Rockwall area typically encounter broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds. Broadleaf weeds include flowering plants like dandelion and wild violet, while grassy weeds, such as crabgrass and Dallis grass, can be harder to identify. Our expert technicians at Lawn Doctor of Rockwall-Heath-Sunnyvale-Forney are familiar with a wide variety of weeds and can easily spot the problematic plants on your turf. Then, we’ll design a customized lawn weed control plan to help you get your yard back.

At Lawn Doctor of Rockwall-Heath-Sunnyvale-Forney, we use a variety of treatments to provide the most effective lawn weed control. For example, our pre-emergent solutions kill weeds before they have a chance to gain a foothold in your yard. We can also remove existing weeds to halt their growth. In addition, we offer preventative services that help you avoid weed issues in the future.

Get started with a customized lawn weed control plan today. Call Lawn Doctor of Rockwall-Heath-Sunnyvale-Forney at (469) 314-9433 for details about our services in Rockwall, Sunnyvale, Heath, Forney, Royse City, Rowlett, Fate, Lavon, McLendon-Chisholm, Garland, and the neighboring communities.